Hey You!

Hello fellow blogger/ interested person,

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my blog!  I’m an aspiring writer, animal lover, book lover and all-around geek.  I’ve also been blessed with a fantastic family and group of friends who have long encouraged me to write do the funny stories I remember.  So I decided to take their advice, and to do them one better by putting the stories on the internet for all to see and enjoy.

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NYCC Days 2&3

Our interactions with our hotel continued to be a struggle but we’ve overcome and I now have good wifi and the time and energy to write up days 2 and 3!

Day two was our longest day yet, but also possibly my favorite.  We went to five panels all of which were good but many of which were great.  We wanted to see the Seth Meyers panel and it just so happened that we also wanted to watch the two that preceded it in the same room. We weren’t the only ones with that plan but none the less we ended up with great seats, and Seth had us in stitches.  He’s so funny and was incredibly personable with the audience.  After that we ran across the convention center to get into The Walking Dead panel.  Robert Kirkman (the creator of) is hysterical and made sure that everyone had a great time.  My favorite was the panel called “Marvel’s Agents of Prime Time” or something similar and it was all about Agent Carter and Agents of Shield.  Agent Carter is filming right now, and Agents of Shield premiered two weeks ago, so after some Q&A they showed us the third episode.  It was great, not only because the show is, but because watching a show with a bunch of people who love it as much or more than you do just makes everything about it better.

We had our shortest day today, there were only two panels we wanted to see, well there were more but our whole morning was taken up by getting a wristband and then standing in line for the Firefly reunion, and as such we missed a few other panels.  It was worth it though, Nathan, Alan, Gina, and Jewel had us all in stitches the whole time and all seemed to be thrilled to be there talking to fans of a show that ended over a decade ago.

Colleen and I each picked up four (total of 8) prints of some of our favorite heroes which was a goal of mine to come home with, as well as a couple t shirts and of course, more comics.

I held off reading comics for a long time for no real reason.  I just didn’t feel like doing it.  Then Secret Wars was announced last year, which is pretty much a reboot for the whole Marvel Universe and the story line by which this occurred was fascinating, and I decided that I’d start reading the books that lead up to Secret Wars.  Well I did, and I haven’t stopped reading they’re so fascinating!  I haven’t been able to stop.  I like to buy compilations of books because that means more bang for my buck, but it also means not getting new issues right when they’re released; but much later.   I’m okay with it because none of my friends read comics and won’t spoil anything for me.

We were going to try to attend the Daredevil and Jessica Jones panel tonight, where I’m fairly certain they’re going to show the first episode of Jessica Jones, but instead we met up with John (our brother who is currently going to school in New Jersey).  We met at McGee’s bar which is the real life bar that McLaren’s was patterned after in How I Met Your Mother, a favorite TV show for the three of us.  It was really good, and of course it was great to see John.  We then walked back to Penn station through Times Square.

So far so good, I wish tomorrow wasn’t the last day!


New York Comic Con Day 1

I meant to do a longer post on how this trip was funded, and believe me it could have been it’s own post, however I find myself with so much to say already that I’ll just say this; a few years ago Colleen and I committed to saving every $5 bill we got and all our coin change.  With that we managed to more than fund a trip across the country to New York Comic Con (we wanted to go to San Diego but couldn’t get tickets).  We had family and friends help us out as well from time to time but the bulk of the funds came from those $5 bills.

Anyway we had a fairly uneventful trip to NYC, except a small detour to go back for our badges which we couldn’t get in without. There was some hassle with our hotel which we are still sorting out but that is also not the subject of this post.  I’m gonna talk about what we actually did at NYCC, and experiencing it as a first time fan AND as someone who is very new to the world of comics.

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That Puppy Isn’t A Vacum Bag and as Such Isn’t Disposable

I’d like to say that there’s a good reason for me bing gone from the internet for so long; however there isn’t. I was busy, I was tired, I didn’t feel like writing blah blah blah.  However I’m back and as much as I would like the reason for my return to be that something so funny happened that I ran home to share it.  This is not the case.  Though bright side, I’ve decided to incorporate a dog day section to my blog.   Continue reading

The Funny Thing About Cleveland

Many many years ago My Aunt and Uncle decided to take my cousins; Patrick, Thomas, and Noel (I don’t remember if Rose was born yet but if she was she was going too) to Disneyland.  But they decided to keep it a surprise.  They told the kids that they were going to visit Noodle and Grampian and us but that was it.

On the drive down my Aunt said to my Uncle something along the lines of, “Don’t you think that part of the fun of a trip is the anticipation?”  He agreed so she said to her kids, “Would you guys rather go to Cleveland or to Disneyland?”

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The Funny Thing About Vet Bills

Vet bills come in droves.  Everyone who has worked with animals knows this.

Recently Booge, our Boston Terrier, woke up one day having gone completely deaf over night and having no sense of equilibrium at all.  This was a Saturday and since he showed no improvement by Monday we took him to the vet.  I suspected an inner ear infection, but they couldn’t see one.  Thy said this kind of thing happens to old dogs sometimes, which is funny because until recently he was our “young” dog.  Anyway it has sense cleared up and he’s back to normal.


Sleeping in the son dreaming of vet bills.

Shortly after that Dempsey stopped eating.  This wasn’t shocking, he hadn’t been a great eater ever since we got him and we may have been overwhelming him with food…  OR he ate the yoga mat we put in the bottom of his crate.  It was one of those.  My initial thought was yoga mat, but then he kept pooping and his stomach didn’t seem hot or dissented and he maintained his puppy like attitude.  So then I thought maybe he was just sick of food.  So we switched his food.  He wolfed it down and spent the next few hours vomiting.

Clearly all was not well. He went to the vet and they discovered that he had indeed eaten the yoga mat.  Not all of it, but quite a bit of it.  The good news was that none of it had moved to his intestines.  When we picked him up the next day we also got this picture:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.57.53 PM

The pile was actually bigger than that but you get the point.  The poor guy had about 30 staples in his stomach and was forbidden from playing or getting them wet or having any fun at all, for two weeks.  He just got them out and is much happier and has put on about 15lbs since the incident.

Hope you leave here laughing,


The Funny Thing About Rope Swings

I was once an annoying child who saw that my neighbor had something fun and decided that I was entitled to it.  In this case my neighbors had a rope swing that went out over a steep hill creating a 20(ish) foot drop when the swing was at it’s highest.  We got permission to use it once and then used it all the time, when the owners weren’t home.  Anyway one day my parents were watching Colleen and I on this swing and the inevitable happened.  I missed the seat and was hanging on by only my hands.  I was four or five at this point and didn’t really have the arm strength to pull myself up, or to hold on.  I tried though and my arms gave out right at the crest of the swing.

In the ensuing fall it occurred to me that I might die.  I didn’t really understand what that meant but I was pretty sure that’s what was going to happen.  Then, WHUMP! I hit the dirt about as close to the neighbor’s burn pile as I could with out landing in it.  I got the wind knocked out of me and a bloody nose.  That’s all.

My parents, who didn’t yet know the extent of my injuries were reacting very differently.  My mom had jumped up and was racing over in a panic.  My dad, who had seen me go up above our roof hanging on the swing, then come crashing back down followed by a huge cloud of dust; was doubled over laughing. It’s a problem he has where when people seem to be terribly hurt he cracks up. This wasn’t a one time thing, it happens quite a bit.

I was a bit sore the next day but other than that I was completely fine.

I hope you leave here laughing.


Libster Award

So I was nominated for a Libster award by Scrambled Brains and Coffee. If you want to know what that is follow the link and read up. If not, that’s cool just believe me when I tell you it’s very prestigious and comes with a large cash prize (this isn’t true, you should have read about it).  Anyway in accordance with said award I have to post 10 things about myself and answer 10 questions that the person who nominated me asked so sit get you baseball gloves out cause I’m gonna drop some knowledge.

1) I am a terrible speller.  I’m sure that you know this if you’ve read this blog because I know I don’t catch all of my own errors, and the autocorrect sometimes changes my words with out my knowing so there isn’t even a red line to help me out.

2) I was a Biology major my first semester of college but calculus defeated me and I switched to English.

3) If I were to go back to college I’d probably major in Kinesiology.

4) I love sports, college basketball is my favorite but my second favorite is horse sports.  I have a base in both english and western riding so any horse sports on TV are something I want to watch.  Except Western Pleasure, that’s too boring.

5) I have a fairly recent love of MMA and I think everyone should take a class.

6) When I got bored in class in middle school I used to think about how I’d improve my favorite books which lead me to trying to write down my own novel ideas.

7) I love Ireland and it’s the only place outside of California that I’ve ever wanted to live.

8) I briefly lived in New Jersey and it was nothing like Ireland and while I met some great people and had a generally good time I hated the state.

9) If I see a movie two or three times in close succession I can generally recite the whole thing from memory and when I have a hard time falling asleep I’ll recite Finding Nemo.

10) I love reading more than anything, and my bookshelves are organized into the following groups; Non fiction, stand alone fiction, series that I love, series that were okay, series that I didn’t like, and series that disappointed me.

And here are the ten questions I have to answer:

My Questions For My Nominees:

  1. What’s the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you? Ummm, I’ve not lead a terribly romantic life thus far and I’m not a fan of grand romantic gestures in general sooooooo I guess I’ll say picking up the tab when we went out to eat.
  2. What is your first childhood memory?  Another tough one, with out going into too much detail it was when my sister and I were being potty trained and there was an…incident.
  3. What are your favorite and least favorite colors? My favorite color is blue and my least favorite is pink.
  4. What is your nickname? How did you get it? Oh this is a good one, and if you’ve read any of this blog you know it already. My nickname is Leenie.  I got it because I was named after my aunt Kathleen who we call Kate, so I couldn’t be Kate and there were about 50 Katies in the hospital when I was born so they called me Leenie instead.
  5. Do you take time out for yourself? How? Why do you think this is important? Yes.  I do that by not committing to things I don’t want to do.  It’s important because I really don’t like loud groups of people and I find them physically draining so if I don’t take time for myself I just get unhappy.
  6. What are you passionate about? Sports and animals.  I’d say writing too, but there isn’t nearly as much injustice when I write.  I could probably write a novel on things that bother me about college basketball alone, or about typical dog owners, or cat, or gymnastics, the list goes on. I actually deleted a bunch of stuff I wrote out in the heat of this question because I feel so strongly about certain things, but decided that this is not the place.  I’ll give them their own post sometime.
  7. Name a book or movie that changed your life. How did it change your life? Was it for the good or the better? 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.  Which it has been rumored will be a movie someday.  I’d tell you about the plot but I’d just make it sound depressing, instead go buy it and read it.  It’s short and will probably take you less than a day.  It is geared towards teenagers so if you’re not one it probably won’t affect you the way that it affected me.  However It made me see the world totally differently, like there are people who are just plain mean and there always will be, but there are also people who are good and kind and no matter how smart you are you can never really know how you’ve touched someone’s life.
  8. Are you happy with where you are in life right now? Why, why not? Eh, I’m okay with it.  There are things I wish were better but I’m working on them.  I’m working and I have a family and friends who love me so there’s really not too much to complain about.
  9. Why did you start your blog? Has it evolved the way you thought it would? Has it met your expectations? I started this blog just to write.  I wanted to have somewhere I could point to if people wanted a writing sample, and I wanted to get into the habit of writing everyday, which I have been, even if I don’t post it on here.
  10. Would you break the rules because of something/someone you care about? How far would you go and what would be your limit? This is an interesting question, the short answer is yes.  The longer answer is I don’t always see it as breaking the rules if I’m doing something for someone I care about, I see it as doing what I have to do.  After the fact I might realize that what I did wasn’t necessarily my brightest move but in the moment I usually don’t think about it.  I’ll probably post about that sometime.

I’m supposes to nominate 10 more people and ask them 10 questions but I’ll do that another time.