The Funny Thing About Sports Band (Part 1)

During my four years in college I had was sort of in my school’s Sports Band.  The whole story of how I got involved is long and one I fully intend to tell but not right now.  Right now I’m going to tell you the story of the one thing that we, the members of the Sports Band, had in common. No, It isn’t a love of sports or a love of music, that wouldn’t be interesting would it?

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Magic Monday

In the interest of clarity I feel that I have to  give this story a quick introduction: In 1999 I was in between the third and fourth grades and about to start a new school.  On August 3rd my sister and I pulled off a miracle, that we’ve been unable to quite duplicate, and convinced our mother to take us to the Animal Shelter to “just look”.  We ended up taking home a small black corgi mix named Magic.  The vet guessed his age to be between one and two years old.  He with us for 15 years until old age got the better of him.  In that time I discovered that I enjoyed writing from his point of view, because he did some freaking weird things (which made me love him all the more) that could only be understood though a dog’s eyes.  So that’s what I plan on doing every Monday.  I told you I’d give you a heads up if (when) I post something that’s not true.  All the things in this story happened but I can’t say for sure that I’m accurately portraying Magic’s feelings about them.  My animal communication skills just aren’t what they used to be.  Anyway I hope you enjoy Magic’s antics as much as we did and that you leave here laughing.



This is Magic at 15(ish).

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Hey You!

Hello fellow blogger/ interested person,

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my blog!  I’m an aspiring writer, animal lover, book lover and all-around geek.  I’ve also been blessed with a fantastic family and group of friends who have long encouraged me to write do the funny stories I remember.  So I decided to take their advice, and to do them one better by putting the stories on the internet for all to see and enjoy.

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