Hey You!

Hello fellow blogger/ interested person,

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my blog!  I’m an aspiring writer, animal lover, book lover and all-around geek.  I’ve also been blessed with a fantastic family and group of friends who have long encouraged me to write do the funny stories I remember.  So I decided to take their advice, and to do them one better by putting the stories on the internet for all to see and enjoy.

Things you will find in this blog:

  1. Funny things that have happened to me.
  2. Funny things that have happened to other people.
  3. Made up stories (I’ll add a disclaimer I promise).
  4. Probably cute pictures of (my)dogs.
  5. Next months winning lottery numbers (This is made up).
  6. My thoughts on books/tv shows/movies/ other geeky things
  7. Firefly Season 2 (I also made this up).

So if any of that sounds good to you, stick around and let me know what you think.  Try to keep one thing in mind though, every name in every (true) story I tell will be changed.  If you’re reading something and you’re thinking to yourself, I know a family with these names I KNOW WHO SHE’S TALKING ABOUT, you don’t because these names are fake.

I hope you leave here laughing,



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