Magic Monday

In the interest of clarity I feel that I have to  give this story a quick introduction: In 1999 I was in between the third and fourth grades and about to start a new school.  On August 3rd my sister and I pulled off a miracle, that we’ve been unable to quite duplicate, and convinced our mother to take us to the Animal Shelter to “just look”.  We ended up taking home a small black corgi mix named Magic.  The vet guessed his age to be between one and two years old.  He with us for 15 years until old age got the better of him.  In that time I discovered that I enjoyed writing from his point of view, because he did some freaking weird things (which made me love him all the more) that could only be understood though a dog’s eyes.  So that’s what I plan on doing every Monday.  I told you I’d give you a heads up if (when) I post something that’s not true.  All the things in this story happened but I can’t say for sure that I’m accurately portraying Magic’s feelings about them.  My animal communication skills just aren’t what they used to be.  Anyway I hope you enjoy Magic’s antics as much as we did and that you leave here laughing.



This is Magic at 15(ish).

My New Life is good.  I am a good dog. I get good food.  There are five people in my new Pack in my New Life and Other Dog Cinnie. My Girls are my favorites.  They call my name and if I go to them I get food.  They also give me food when I relieve myself outside, and when I do other silly things like sitting and walking next to them on a leash.  At night I get a bowl of food, but I don’t get as much as Other Dog Cinnie, I think that is unfair.  I tried to steal some of hers after I finished on my first night, but she growled when I got too close.  That’s okay cause I ran over to My Girls and they petted me and told me I was good.   I am My Girls’ dog.  Other Dog Cinnie is Mom’s dog but she likes the Girls, their Brother and Dad too.  I like Brother and Mom but Dad makes me nervous.  I heard the jail people tell the pack that they thought I was abused.  I don’t know what that means but they’re probably wrong.  Humans are wrong a lot.   In my New Life there are a lot of things that I have to do.  I have to take all the toys out of My Girls’ room and put them in a circle in the living room and make sure that they don’t move.  Sometimes one or both of My Girls will take the toys away but as soon as they’re done with the toy I put it back.  No nonsense when I’m around.   I also have to play with Other Dog Cinnie, but she doesn’t always play with me.  She’ll stand in the living room and I’ll bite her ankles then I’ll race around the house in a circle before she can catch me and I’ll bite them again.  Sometimes she hasn’t even moved.  She’s silly but she’s a good dog too. I also have to protect the Pack when we get in the car.  They don’t seem to know how dangerous it can be to leave the house.  I go with them to protect them but sometimes they forget to take me with them, or they separate! I get frustrated and whine at them but they don’t listen.  That’s what I meant earlier about humans being wrong a lot.  If they don’t have a dog with them I don’t know how they manage to do anything.   Another thing I have to do is to make sure that I can always get to My Girls and the rest of the Pack.  This can be tricky because they’ll sometimes put me in a yard with a really high fence.  I can’t climb it, but I can dig under it.  Then I can go sit by the back door and wait for them to realize I’ve passed their test.  Sometimes they’re so impressed they make me do it again.  Sometimes they fill in my holes so I have to dig new ones.  Other Dog Cinnie doesn’t  even try to escape.  I think that is silly. How else will the Pack know they can count on her?  It’s harder to escape my crate. Most of the time I can’t but sometimes if I push the door hard enough I can squeeze out.  My Girls always laugh when they come home and see that I’ve escaped.  Mom doesn’t though.  She doesn’t like it when I do that because sometimes I find a threat that I have to destroy and she wasn’t around to see it be threatening so she thinks I was bad.  I wasn’t though.   At night I sleep in a room with My Girls.  Sometimes I’ll fall asleep on one of their beds but they always move me to my crate.  I guess it’s important for me to be there, even though I think I could protect them better if they let me out.  If there is too much noise at night or if the lights are out and someone tries to come in I growl like Other Dog Cinnie taught me.  Not the high pitched growl like a little dog, but a big deep growl like a big dog.  Other Dog Cinnie is a big dog and no one would mess with her.  But I have to sound like a big dog so that no one messes with My Girls.  I do a good job I think.  I’ve been here two nights and I haven’t had to do any real protecting, other than scaring away the mail man.  


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