The Funny Thing About Sports Band (Part 1)

During my four years in college I had was sort of in my school’s Sports Band.  The whole story of how I got involved is long and one I fully intend to tell but not right now.  Right now I’m going to tell you the story of the one thing that we, the members of the Sports Band, had in common. No, It isn’t a love of sports or a love of music, that wouldn’t be interesting would it?

In the spring of 2013 our school’s men’s basketball team made it to the NCAA tournament.  This meant nearly a week off of school and possibly more if the team advanced, and the chance to travel around the country, and police escorts (seriously those are the coolest).

The team actually got a “play in game” into the tournament (one day I might have to vent my feelings on play in games but not today).  So we were headed first to Dayton, Ohio for that then, if we won, we would make the short trip to Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Because we didn’t know for sure that we would even be in the tournament we had just about 24 hours to pack and prepare for our trip, and when you have a drum kit and other large and strangely shaped instruments this is no easy task.  To try and entice the band to help we got pizza and tried to brand this as a “mandatory packing party”.  I showed up because pizza is nearly all I want out of life, and because I didn’t play a real instrument so I figured I should help the people who did.  Sometime between wrapping the high hat in bubble wrap and reenforcing the boxes we were taking with tape someone said these life changing words, “You can’t sit with us!”  If you don’t recognize that quote right off, it’s from the movie Mean Girls. At this point the room dissolved into a cacophony of Mean Girls  quotes. And that was when we learned the one thing everyone in the Band, or at least everyone going on the trip, LOVED Mean Girls.


That’s right, we were not brought together by a love of music (in fact it was pretty much only the freshmen who were super into the Band part of Sports Band) or a love of sports (most of the upperclassmen were there for the Sports aspect) and that had caused some tension.  But we’d found something we all loved; and damn it we wanted to watch it. The president of the band at the time, Frank, called to me, “Leenie, get Mean Girls for us.” He made these kinds of demands all the time and wasn’t serious but I knew a guy who had it so I agreed.

I did not get Mean Girls.  I thought my friend Robert would lend it to me, but he’d loaned it to someone else and they had yet to give it back: It was too late for me to get a copy and we were flying out early the next morning. I wasn’t worried though.  I figured that either people would have forgotten or someone else would have brought it.  I was wrong on both counts.  We were on the plane and Frank leaned forward and asked if I had it.  I said no and there was an uproar.  If we hadn’t taken off already I think they would have tried to kick me off the plane.

I pointed out that it wasn’t a big deal. We could just buy it when we got to Ohio.  As it turns out we couldn’t.  We went to the Target right next to the hotel and asked if they had it.  The guy working said yes they did, in their $5 movie bin.  I assume you’ve seen these bins, but if not they’re HUGE, maybe 4 feet square, and FULL of DVDs.  There were three and we did what any reasonable group of people would do.  We got six empty shopping carts and took out every single one of those DVDs in search of the one we wanted.  The guy working almost cried when he saw us doing it but we assured him that we would be putting them all back. We did put them all back.  We weren’t that mean.  But we did not find what we were looking for.

We did find a very similar movie, The Boondock Saints, and watched that instead.  Most of the band hadn’t seen it and most of them, foolishly, didn’t like it.  One girl even fell asleep, which seems impossible.

We spent our time in Ohio practicing and drinking and filling out brackets until game day.  We won and so secured a few more days in the midwest and a whole new state to look for Mean Girls in.

There’s more to that story but I’ll leave it there for now.  I hope you leave here laughing.



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