The Funny Thing About Being Far From Home

I’m from California, I’ve almost always lived in California, and I’ve never wanted to live anywhere except California (except Ireland, but who wouldn’t want to live there?).  Anyway last year I spent 9 months working in New Jersey. There’s nothing wrong with the East Coast, I just did not like living there. Now that I’m back on the West Coast I’m much happier, especially given the weather the East Coast had the past week.

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The Funny Thing About Communal Bathrooms

My freshman year of college there were roughly 50 girls sharing 10 bathroom stalls and 7 showers.  This wasn’t a big deal for me.  And I don’t know of anyone who ever had to wait for a stall or a shower except for one time.  The time when this picture was taken:


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The Funny Thing About Soccer

I played soccer for about 14 years.  I hesitate to start with that sentence because now you might be picturing me as an excellent player.  I was not.  I was average but with an above average love of the game.  However that didn’t stop me from playing and loving the game for over half of my life.  I still love it, I just don’t play it anymore.

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The Funny Thing About Booge

So I decided that it was hit time I introduced everyone to our second dog, Booge.  It’s pronounced like Boo (like a ghost) with a “j” sound like in juice.  My dad was firmly against us getting a third dog (we had Magic and Cyrus at the time) unless it was a Boston terrier named “Spike” or “Pug”.  He’d grown up with Bostons with those two names rotating and wanted to continue the tradition.


Booge celebrating 4th of July.

We agreed to getting a Boston Terrier, but refused both names because “Pug” is a breed of dog and just sounded dumb, and the last Spike had been such an awful dog that no one wanted his name to ever be brought up again (this is true, Spike was terrible).

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