The Funny Thing About April Fool’s Day

I love April Fool’s Day.  It is one of my favorite days of the year.  I’m a pranky person in general and I like that on one day a year it becomes more socially acceptable.  I’m an identical twin and yes one day my sister Colleen and I decided to do the twin switching thing.

We were in seventh grade and on the way to school we did the math and realized that there would never be a better time to pull the switch than that day.  So I pulled my hair back in the way she wore hers and she took hers down like I wore mine and we switched shoes and backpacks.  We shared all of our clothes at this point so there wasn’t much else to do.

Our classmates knew immediately, as soon as I walked to her spot in PE, which was her first class, they started whispering.  I shushed them hastily.  We were doing physical fitness testing and it was the running day.  Colleen was always a better runner than I was but I did a decent enough job. The rest of the day went off without a hitch.  We told the teachers we thought would find it funny, and were rewarded with some laughs.  One insisted that he’d know the whole time and had just let us go about our business but somehow I doubt it.

Hope you leave here laughing.



4 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About April Fool’s Day

  1. Leenie, I’m visiting from the UBC. [We must have been posting about the same time last night. Now your post is just above mine.] What fun you two must have had as twins. I have always been fascinated by twins. My current favorites are The Property Brothers. Hope you and your twin are still having that much fun! From me as a stress management expert, fun and laughter generate great health, so keep it up!


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