Magic Monday- The Horrors of Bath Time

The adventures of Magic the wonder pup continue. Enjoy! In case you missed Magic’s first story you can find it here.



Magic at about 12 with his new summer cut.

Today was my first walk in my New Life.  We went to the creek and I found the best thing ever.  It was a dead fish!  Not just any dead fish but one that had beed dead for awhile.  The sun had made it all squishy and great! My Girls had let me off the leash so I was able to eat a bit of it, then I rolled in the rest of it without any one bothering me.  There was nothing this awesome at the pound. I can hear The Pack in the background talking about how cute I am.  Other Dog Cinnie isn’t allowed off the leash.  She doesn’t come back with The Pack call her. When I’m done with the fish I come running back to them.  

But instead of being happy with my discovery they start whining.  They say I smell bad and that my back is green.  They’re missing the point!  I found a fish!  I ate some of it!  I could share it with them if they wanted.  And it doesn’t smell that bad,  If I like the smell they should.  They can’t even smell right.  

They put me in the car pretty quick after that, I still don’t really like the car, and we went home.  But instead of letting me run into the house with Cinnie they keep me on the leash and out front.  I don’t know what’s going on until Mom picks me up and carries me to the slippery room; probably to kill me.  

Mom doesn’t kill me, it’s actually worse.  She puts me in the pond that humans go in everyday and then My Girls come in and start rubbing something in my fur.  It doesn’t smell bad, but it’s not as good as the fish.  I try and climb out but they keep putting me back in.  Finally they let me jump out and I shake my fur, and head for the door but they stop me again!  This time they wrap me in cloths and start rubbing my fur to dry it.  I already did that!  Let me go roll in the dirt to dry!  But they don’t.  

Finally they let me out of the slippery room and I race through the house.  They don’t let me outside so I roll on the carpet to finish drying.  My Girls seem to think that I’m being cute.  Mom doesn’t think so though. She doesn’t seem to realize that if she had just let me out I wouldn’t have had to do that.  So really I’m the one who should be mad.  But I’m not.  I survived the car and the thing Other Dog Cinnie calls a bath.  She likes them though.  She will jump in if The Pack leave the slippery room door open.


7 thoughts on “Magic Monday- The Horrors of Bath Time

  1. Kathleen, I’m visiting from the UBC. What an extraordinary piece you’ve written! I was captivated! The Slippery Room, indeed, YES! Probably just how most dogs think! I am about to share this a number of places. Thanks for the most refreshing piece I have read in years.


  2. Thank you so much! I really love writing from the voice I imagined he had inside him. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I plan on telling stories from his view point every Monday and I hope you come back to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

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