The Funny Thing About Learning to Drive

…is that you hit stuff.  You do.  Everyone does, well nearly everyone.  My dad was an insurance agent for years, so I have it on very good authority that nearly every sixteen year old crashes their car, or at the very least hits something. Nearly everyone in my extended family is of driving age so there are several stories I have to tell.  I’ll limit them to my favorite four though.

Patrick: My cousin Patrick is just under a year older than me, and so had his license for nearly a year before I got mine.  I don’t remember if he actually got into an accident but he did get three moving violations in a year.  I was present for the last one.  We were driving to Blockbuster (yeah that’s right we were driving to rent a DVD) and there is this long stretch of highway that is flat and straight and just begging for drivers to go faster than the posted 65mph speed limit.

We were attempting 100.  The predictable happened but the cop was nice enough to put 75 on the ticket, as opposed to 86.

Colleen: My sister got her license a week before I did because I failed my test the first time. There were bushes lining my grandparents driveway she told me, though she now denies it, that she liked the sound of the bushes hitting the mirror. One day the mirror snapped off.  It was the side view passenger side mirror.  It wouldn’t really be a big deal except…

Me: I’d had my license for nine months and hadn’t hit so much as a stick in the road.  Colleen hits the bushes and the next night (Halloween) we’re going out with our soccer team for some good natured shenanigans. We park in an empty parking lot with little care for lines and what not.  And our car is nearly blocked in.  If I hadn’t been racing the clock to get home before my curfew I’d have insisted that Colleen guid me back, considering it was her fault I no longer had a mirror.  But I was sure I could do it and Colleen was getting in some last minute tosses of the TP into the trees infant of our coach’s house.  I was going to drive right past it and she was going to hop in.  In absence of a side view mirror I scraped a line down the whole side of my team mate’s car.  We worked it out with no hard feelings though.

Noel:  I’m pretty sure she didn’t actually have her license when this happened but none the less it must be said.  She had just returned from a successful driving lesson when she stepped on the gas instead of the break and crashed through her garage door.  It was destroyed.  I’ve been told that this happens a lot.  In fact the guy who fixed their garage door had just had to fix his own because his son had done the same thing.

Do you have any driving disasters you want to share?  Leave a comment below.

Hope you leave here laughing,



4 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About Learning to Drive

  1. I work as a claims adjuster and I am amused at how many times drivers will insist it is not their fault they hit non-moving objects… and that fence shouldn’t have been put near the boat ramp….I parked in the drive between the open gates because it was so windy and the wind blew the gates into the side of my truck…and the perennial favorite I hit the gas instead of the brake and wound up in the middle of the insurance agency, convenience store, etc.

    The stupidest thing I personally have done is too hit a red post that protects gas pumps. I was pulling away from the gas pumps and the side toward the pump had a sign on it, so I didn’t see the posts. I was watching moving traffic to my right and had to cut hard to my left right into, you guessed it the post. Of course, it was below my line of sight, so I have as good an excuse as any of the rest of us for my faux pas!


  2. Well, at my greatly advanced age, I am learning to drive… again.
    Once, long ago, I hit a mailbox, really hard.
    But I never got my own car so I had no reason to drive.
    Now, I am learning to drive again.
    But I didn’t pass the road test because I hit the curb when I was parallel parking.
    The only thing was there wasn’t actually a curb.
    OK, so I will try again.
    And hope that the next driving test features a curb that actually is a curb!


  3. Haha I bet you have a lot of funny stories Cynthia. I’ve found that most people, myself included, have a hard time admitting fault when they hit nonmoving objects. I’ve known a few people who’ve hit the pole that protects the gas pump, I know one girl who hit it twice! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. That would be so frustrating! I hope that you have a curb next time. I failed my driving test the first time because I failed to yield at a roundabout. The roundabout was about 30 seconds from the DMV so I was gone for less than a minute before I came back. It was so embarrassing.


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