The Funny Thing About The Couch in The Night

A year after I graduated high school I was back home for summer break and there was a group of Seniors (high school not citizens) who had come across a couch, a toilet and an ottoman, and were driving around and placing them in people’s yards or driveways or where ever they felt like.  It was like TPing but with out the mess; and with much more inconvenience.

My mom is a high school teacher so, unsurprisingly, we woke up one morning to find the couch in our driveway, with a note saying that it would be $1 to remove, $5 for immunity and $10 for immunity and the honor of picking the next target.  Instead of that we decided to handle it ourselves.

I’m going to be intentionally vague here but there was an employee in the school district  that my sister my brother and I all had contact with. And who was strongly disliked by all of us.  So that night we, with the help of my cousin Patrick, we loaded the couch into our truck and drove to his house. One of the best thing about small towns is that you know where pretty much everyone lives.

I pulled up to the curb the other three jumped out and off loaded the couch in less than a minute we were headed back home laughing at our cleverness.  We got home and told my mom, who was no big fan of this person either, and she said, “Oh, you know where his new house is right?”

No.  No we did not.  We put the couch in a stranger’s driveway. We went to remove it the next day, and apologize but it turned out, thanks again to small towns, that the Seniors had already removed it.  The family who lived there and two kids at the high school, so they already knew about it.

Hope you leave here laughing



5 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About The Couch in The Night

  1. haha, that is hilarious. but it is funny to do the work of moving a couch to play a trick on someone. i would choose something that is a little less labor intensive. ok. i still like the tp, lololol!!! Thank you for the laugh.



    What gets me is a small group of snickering, giggling people carrying a heavy couch down the street to drop on an unsuspecting lawn. I mean, what happens if the person you disliked happened to come outside as you approached? Do you drop the couch and run? Or do you waddle away with said couch and hope the victim doesn’t quite notice or understand what some random people are doing in the middle of the night with a couch?

    Thanks for the laugh. Great blog. I love blogs that put some positivity back into the world.

    In good health,

    Melissa Blair


  3. Oh we put it in the driveway so we didn’t have far to go, and it wasn’t too heavy. I’m sure if we got caught we’d have probably dropped it an ran. That was our usual MO when we got caught doing things like that. I’m glad you enjoyed the story!


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