The Funny Thing About Cellphones

Cell phones are awesome.  They have improved our lives in so many ways.  They can also betray us in the worst ways.  Specifically, by taking commands from our butts and calling people.  Now given the advent of pass codes and fingerprints to open our phones butt dialing has been decreased, but it still happens.


I haven’t butt dialed anyone in a long long time.  The same can not be said of my cousin Elizabeth.  Now I’ve rarely met a genuinely kinder person than Elizabeth so it is truly unfortunate that this happened to her.  During her Senior year of high school she was hanging out with a group of her dancer friends after their dance class.  One of the girls in the class, Jess, hadn’t been there and so they we talking about it.  First about Jess’s absence then about Jess and then, as happens with high school girls, or maybe everyone, they started discussing the things about her they didn’t like.  And at some point early in the conversation Elizabeth had butt dialed Jess.

Now this would be a terrible thing to have happen to you.  But I still question her method of dealing with it.  She posted a Facebook status saying something along the lines of, “That moment when someone you thought was your friend talks crap about you.”  As I said Elizabeth is a very nice person and was concerned about her friend so she sent her a message asking her if she was okay.  Since Elizabeth was the only person who Jess knew was involved in the call so Elizabeth is the one Jess chewed out.  She was, understandably, very hurt.  Elizabeth was very sorry.  They talked it out a few weeks later.

Do you have any horribly embarrassing stories with technology malfunctions that you want to share?

Keep an eye on your phones and I hope you leave here laughing,



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