Detention at S.P.A.M.S.

So once again we are delving into the realm of fiction, real fiction this time.  Nothing in here is even close to anything that ever happened to me or anyone I know. I enjoy writing fiction and I think I’m gonna stick with it as a weekly thing we’ll see.  Anyway I came across this Short Story Contest over on It’s All a Matter of Perspective and the premise was so intriguing I had to give it a try! Please go check it out, this story will probably make NO SENSE if you don’t.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Mrs. Older is packing up her bag and plans to be out the door seconds after her wayward students.  Working at a middle school for wayward teens is so draining.  But rewarding she reminds herself sternly, yes it’s very rewarding, very rewarding, very rewarding.  She’s repeated those words so often over the past two weeks that they have lost some of their meaning.  Ah well it’s Friday.  A whole weekend before she has to deal with them again.  It’ll just be her, Mr. Older and their dogs.  A nice quiet weekend.  She’s nearly to her car when Principal Ilter comes running up to her.  His toupee is askew and he’s out of breath.

“Effie!” He pants, “Can you cover detention? Zo had some sort of emergency with her kids.”

“Fil, I really can’t I’ve got…”

“You’ve got to, there’s no one else left.”

“Well you’re still here…”

“Yes, yes, yes, but I’ve got to go. I’m headed to my daughter’s wedding this weekend.”

“Alright, yes I’ll cover detention.” Effie sighs as he thrusts the roll sheet into her hands and sprints toward the car.  It’s only an hour and a half she tells herself, and so rewarding.

She walks into the room and finds it full of miscreants.  “For those who do not know,” She says as she strides purposefully to the front of the room, “I am Mrs. Older and we will be spending the next hour and a half together.”

“Where’s Mrs. Ho?” One of the boys calls.

“She had an emergency.” Effie says, “Polly!” She calls, Polly Vour?” A girl with a meticulously picked out outfit raises a perfectly manicured hand without saying anything.

“Ms. Vour, that is not how we respond to our names being called at Studies and Practical Academics Middle School.  Try again.” She didn’t know who had chosen that awful name but she cringed every time she had to say it.  Poly stood up with a sigh, “Here, Mrs. Older.”

“And why are you here today?”

“Because I told Elle that her clothes were overpriced and cheap.” She said, then  flopped back in her seat.  She pulled several bracelets out of her bag and began comparing them.

“Petty, Petty Eff?”  She asks, suspecting this may be a fake roll sheet.

“Here, Mrs. Older.” Says a short bespectacled boy who’s desk is stacked so high with books and notebooks that he is difficult to see.  “And I’m here because I got on the librarian’s computer and altered my account to show that I had no books checked out and no overdue fees. It would be so much easier if I could just have them all in the same place…”  He stopped abruptly and slid back into his chair.

“Miracle Droogs.”

“Here, Mrs. Older.” This time it’s a very pretty girl with a bright smile who stands, “I’m here because Principal Ilter heard me talking to some of the other girls about pills they can take to be skinny! He thought I was selling drugs, but I wasn’t! It’s not a drug!” She dropped back into her chair with her smile still in place. Then shot right back up, “You can have some too if you want.”

Very rewarding, very rewarding, very rewarding. Mrs. Olfer repeats to herself.


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