The Funny Thing About The Pie

There was a mystery that plagued my family for nearly a decade.  It centered around pie, and it all started one Thanksgiving.


Who did this?!

It was my mom’s first Thanksgiving with my dad’s family.  They weren’t even married yet.  Everything was going well, my dad’s parents as well as his two sisters were there.  I’m sure there were some other people but they’re not as relevant to the story.

Dinner had gone fine and it may have passed as a pleasant but indistinct memory for all in attendance until dessert.  Except disaster had struck.  Someone had eaten a piece of pie.  This in no way should have been a big deal, and probably wouldn’t have been except that the person who did it refused to admit it.  I wasn’t there, obviously, but I heard about it EXTENSIVELY growing up.  There were several suspects but it was generally assumed that it had been my mom who ate the pie, and because it was her first Thanksgiving with the family, she had been too embarrassed to say anything.  She always vehemently denied it when it was brought up, which only solidified the opinion in most people’s minds that she had done it.

I always assumed it was my Aunt Jean.  She is very much the type of person who would skip dinner and head straight for the pie; though why she wouldn’t have just owned up to it is odd because she isn’t shy about anything.

The Pie Incident, as it became to be known was an incredibly long and increasingly fun running joke. If the family was hanging out and teasing someone for something they’d done they could come back with, “At least I didn’t eat the pine.” And speculation would begin again.

The week before I headed to college (so roughly 20 YEARS) after The Pie Incident occurred, we finally discovered who did it,

As part of my going away party my Aunt Brooke set up a family history Jeopardy game, for my sister and I.  The final Jeoprday category was “Family Mysteries” and the question was “Who ate the pie?”

In my mind there was NO WAY that it was either Aunt Brooke or my Grandma so I guessed my Uncle Dan (Aunt Brooke’s husband). I don’t remember who Colleen guessed but it was also wrong.  It was then that Brooke revealed that she had been the one who ate the pie.

This revelation was pretty much earth shattering.  No one had ever suspected her, despite the fact that she was parent at the time, because she’s just the type of person who you believe when they talk.  Even if what they say is total crap.  So the mystery was solved, or rather confessed to.  We still joke about it sometimes, and my mom is still particularly prone to bringing it up, since she was the one who had been wrongly accused for so many years.


8 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About The Pie

  1. alethamcmanama says:

    Oh my goodness! What a cool story and a family mystery revealed! LOL I know that had to spark the best conversations over the years and many a laughs to go with it. Way cool. 🙂


  2. Love the little humor. Made me laugh. Our family has a similar story, too long to share here, but it’s about a chicken and why my cousin will never eat chicken again. (My parents used to rare chickens in the back yard ….. lol ) hint hint


  3. Thanks! It was cool. I’ve thought about setting up another long running mystery, but nowadays I’m the one everyone suspects of things like that!


  4. I honestly don’t know. We never would have known it was her. She said she never intended it to become a big deal so maybe she just got sick of it.


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