The Funny Thing About (Cyrus Part 1)

I’ve dedicated Mondays to my favorite dog of all time Magic but since I love all the dogs I’ve had the pleasure of owning I figured I’d introduce you to them as well.    I initially planned on this being a one time thing, but then I remembered all the ridiculous things Cyrus does on a regular basis.


Here he is pretending to be noble. 

When I was a kid I was in our local 4-H club.  At the time I refused to raise an animal to eat and I wasn’t very crafty, so the projects that I was willing to join were limited.   One of the only ones I wanted to join (and I think the only one I enjoyed) was the Dog project.  Colleen used Magic so I used our old boxer Cinnamon.  She was a great dog, and I think I should have received a special award for curing her of her dog aggression, no one else had to do that.  But I digress.  We came in dead last in the end of the year show and afterwords the judge walked up to me and told me that Cinnie was too old and I shouldn’t put her through 4-H next year.

The very next morning I was outside doing something and a dopy black dog came trotting up to me.  He had a collar but I knew he didn’t belong to any of my neighbors because I, being the dog obsessed child I was, knew all the dogs in my neighborhood.  So I did the only thing I could.  I drug him home by the collar and told my parents he had followed me.

A deal was struck, if I could demonstrate total responsibility for the dog for a whole month I could keep him.  I thought that this was the greatest deal ever because Colleen and I were already  totally responsible for the two dogs we did have.  I changed his name about 45 times in the next 12 hours but finally settled on Cyrus.

After less than a week with us we knew we’d be keeping him.  He was sweet, goofy, and already house broken.  However he wasn’t perfect.  He had terrible leash manners, he loved eating anything leather (including the new collar I bought him because the one he had was much too small), and his tail was a force of total destruction.  We were sure though, that all of these problems could be solved.

Well after 11 years I’m pleased to say he has excellent leash manners.  His tail has been and always will be a destructive force.  Though we’re much better about keeping things out of it’s path.  He also still has a freakish obsession with leather.  Any and all leather things must be destroyed.


He’s also really not photogenic.  This is usually what we get when trying to take his picture.

He’s totally unaware of the fact that he’s about 60lbs and thinks he’s closer in size to our Boston Terrier.  But he’s given us so much to laugh about and has been as good a dog as anyone could ask for.

Hope you leave here laughing,



8 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About (Cyrus Part 1)

  1. Such a sweet tribute to Cyrus! 🙂 I didn’t grow up with dogs, and my daughters would love to have one but right now I think it would be just too time consuming. But I LOVE seeing how they interact with their friends dogs so I know that one day we’ll have one. It’s so great for allowing kids to demonstrate and learn about unconditional love.


  2. I’m loving The Funny Thing About Cyrus… I love dogs and nimals and babies have a thing for me. I will definitely be keeping up with the Cyrus chronicles. Soon I’ll be sharing stories about my “A” Crew, Cody (yorkie), Buddy (cat), Bella (Labrador), Khalif (Cockatoo), and Chay (Cane Corso).


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