Magic Monday- Magic and the Garage

Magic didn’t actually like having his picture taken.  I think he was afraid of cameras for some reason.  The pictures of him that I’ve posted so far were lucky shots but they’re few and far between.

This is what most photos of The Wonder Pup look like:


I don’t have time for this nonsense!  Someone some where might be getting food!

I hope you leave here laughing,


Most days My Girls, Brother, and Mom go to School and Dad goes to Work.  I don’t get to go to these things and that’s okay because it would mean getting in the car.  Other Dog Cinnie sleeps in the sun most of the day but I like to escape our yard and get into the other yard and then try and get into the house.  

There is a room next to the house is FULL of interesting smells, I’ve only been in there for a few seconds when My Girls go in there to get my dinner, but I think I’d like it.  

I walk up to the door and shove my nose against the bottom corner and it opens!  I run inside.  There are so many great things in here.  I mark everything in my reach and then I find it, my dinner bag!  It isn’t even open yet but thats okay.  I rip open the corner and begin eating.  This is the best thing that has ever happened.  I make the opening bigger and bigger and soon the bag falls over.  I rip it all the way open and then finish it.  I’ve never had this much food, I’m so happy.  I roll all over the bag so that Cinnie will know it’s mine if she ever gets in here, she probably won’t though. Then I head to the door and scratch on it.  My Girls taught me that if you scratch on a door a human will appear to open it.  But no one comes.  I scratch again and again but no one comes.  I stick my nose under the corner of the door and force it open again.  I drag the empty bag out and put it under the deck so I can play with it later.  Then I take a nap.  

That night when My Girls go to feed me they come back with out any food.  They tell Mom that there is no more food.  She says she just bought a 25 pound bag yesterday and that there’s no way it’s gone.  I don’t know what any of this means but I whine because I WANT MY DINNER! Cinnie and I get chicken for dinner that night.  

After dinner I throw up.  Then I throw up again and again and again.  They don’t let me eat it either.  I try to tell them that they’re wasting food but they don’t listen.  One of My Girls finds my food bag. 

Mom and Dad don’t believe that I ate the whole thing by myself. I did though.  My Girls and Brother believe it. I try to tell them they’re right.  Cinnie sighs. She tells me that humans can’t just make food appear and that I shouldn’t have eaten it all.  She doesn’t understand food. You have to eat it all as soon as you see it, or someone else might.  


5 thoughts on “Magic Monday- Magic and the Garage

  1. Leenie, I’m visiting from the UBC again. Wow! Magic’s narrative slays me! I reposted to FB. You have got to do a book on him sometime. Just string together the narratives. I can help you format it if you like. You are a brilliant writer. Thanks for another great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kleebanks says:

    This is cute! We have two dogs and six cats — I can just imagine the kind of conversation THEY would have! 😉


  3. Thank you all for your kind words! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my posts.
    Kebba, I’d really like that. I’ve always wanted to do something like that but I figured I’d be the only one who’d want to read it!


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