The Funny Thing About Sports Fans (mostly)

I have a very good friend who, if he sees this, will disagree with everything I’m about to say, so that’s why I’ve added the parentheses to the title.

But in my experience sports fans are CRAZY superstitious; and the people in my family, including myself, are no exception.  I was once at a basketball game with Colleen and the non superstitious friend mentioned above Francis.  Our team was up four points with five minutes to go, which in basketball time is about a year, and they said, “Well there’s no way we can lose this game let’s go now so we can beat the traffic.” I told them to shut it because they were gonna jinx it, and being the terrible people they are they DIDN’T. They kept saying nonsense like that.  We did end up winning that game but not before I moved away from them because they were making me too nervous.  This sort of thing happens all the time.  And it’s not just me.


Remember when the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl in 2013?  I thank this guy.

A few years ago, the Golden State Warriors were making an unexpected run in the NBA playoffs and a friend of mine, Dillon, stopped watching the games.  Not because he didn’t care, but because every time he did they lost.  So in an attempt to do his part he refused to watch the games or check the score until the game was over.

Last year when The Chiefs were playing The Colts in the playoffs Andrew Luck orchestrated the 2nd biggest comeback in playoff history.  This was (possibly) because Colleen stopped cheering for The Colts at half time and began cheering for The Chiefs.  She told our mom that Alex Smith doesn’t win when she cheers for him.  To demonstrate this she cheered for The Colts in the first half and The Chiefs in the second.

This past fall, during The World Series, my cousin Noel was driving home from work listening to The Giants game on the radio.  She got home and they were winning, afraid of jinxing it she sat in the car for the rest of the game.  They won.

Does this make any sense? No.  Do I think the things crazy fans do will impact the outcome of the game that is possibly happening hundreds of miles away? Probably not. Am I going to keep doing these crazy things? Absolutely.

Just in case.

I hope you leave here laughing.



6 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About Sports Fans (mostly)

  1. kleebanks says:

    Hubby and I watch NASCAR races, as well as all of our New England teams. I’m not sure about any superstitions we have, other than our “snuggle time” while we’re watching races and games!


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