Magic Monday- Magic and Cyrus

Magic was never dog aggressive but he was also not super friendly.  He’d try to play with Cinnamon but she was pretty much the only one.  This is the story of how he and Cyrus met.

Hope you leave here laughing,



Give me the food!

My Girl Leenie brought home a new dog today.  Cinnie and I don’t like him.  He’s huge and clumsy and doesn’t know how to protect The Pack.  Plus, he thinks Leenie is his Girl.  He’s wrong.

The only good thing about Sidekick Cyrus is that he does whatever I say.  If there is food on the counter he knocks it down for us.  If I want to get into the trash I have Cyrus tear it open.

My Girls have been taking the two of us down to The Field on mornings where they don’t do School. They let us off our leashes and we get to run around.  Sometimes Sidekick Cyrus tries to hunt me and I run away from him.  He’ll chase me and I’ll bite him and that’s fun.  Sometimes I don’t run away I just jump sideways and bite him as he runs by and that’s fun too.

Cyrus likes to chase birds, which is dumb because he’s never gonna catch any. I only chase things that I can catch like rabbits and squirrels.  I haven’t caught one yet but I will.  At least they can’t fly away.

Another thing I don’t like about Cyrus is that he gets more food than I do.  Now I have two dogs who get to eat more than I do.  It HAS to be a mistake. I’m the best dog so I SHOULD get the most food.  Cinnie and Cyrus don’t share with me, and My Girls don’t let me steal their food even though I could.

So I guess Cyrus isn’t so bad.  Cinnie told me to bite his ankles instead of hers cause he likes it.  I do that now and he’ll chase me through the house.  My Girls think that it is really funny.


6 thoughts on “Magic Monday- Magic and Cyrus

  1. amybovai says:

    Ha! It’s always an adjustment when a new dog comes into the circle. I liked the part about how Magic thought it was “fun” to bite the lefts of Cyrus. I suppose that’s part of the adjustment. I have been in a couple of situations where the dogs have fought and I had to throw water on them. It was quite scary. So I liked this story because it seemed like Magic did it for fun and really was adjusting. And it seemed like Cyrus was happy to step back and let Magic rule! 🙂


  2. Yeah it was all in good fun. It was funny Cinnamon never liked playing with Magic and as soon as Cyrus came home Magic stopped playing with her and started playing with him.


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