The Funny Thing About Harry Potter

So by most people’s standards I’m pretty nerdy.  That’s something I haven’t touched on much but I plan on getting more into as this blog continues.  So I should start with my first great nerdy love. Harry Potter.

I love books, I love reading them, I love attempting to write them, I love coming up with ideas for them, I just love books. This is about seven times truer for Harry Potter.  I thought the movies were okay, but the books are amazing.

So this past weekend I was cleaning my room ( part of the reason I took a few days off from posting) and I began to organize my book collection.  It came to my attention that there are no fewer than 4 copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in my room and at least one more floating around my house.  There are various reasons for this, the main one being that both Colleen and I bought The Harry Potter Box set for ourselves which we now have in addition to our battered original copies.


This is necessary.  

Cyrus has a taste for the glue they put in book bindings and unfortunately, knows exactly how to get ahold of it so some of our books aren’t in as good of condition as I would like.  However the only reason for the state of our first copy of Sorcerer’s Stone is use.


This doesn’t look so bad…


…oh never mind.  It’s in two pieces.

I honestly don’t know how many times I read Sorcerer’s Stone I know that it is at least 20, hence it’s present condition.  I’ve read it at least once a year since 1998 and sometimes more than that.  Because these books are awesome.

I hope you leave here, and go read.



4 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About Harry Potter

  1. Harry Potter was the first book series that got my oldest son into reading. Before Harry Potter he would only read if he had to. After starting the Harry Potter series, he couldn’t put them down. I was the same way as a kid with The Babysitter’s Club books. So exciting to see him reading on his own, and loving it. We made sure that he couldn’t watch the movies until he finished reading each book. He loves the books so much more than the movies too.


  2. My son (who is in his mid 20’s now) loved Harry Potter. We bought him every book as it came out. I read part of the first one, but never could get into it. A pity – those books turned so many youngsters in the United States into readers.


  3. Leenie,it never occurred to me to re-read the HP books. Now I must. You’ve inspired me. Here in Arizona, you dare not read outside, or the glue will release, and your books will be forever parted from their spines. Took me a long time and many ruined books to figure this out. So don’t feel bad at all about the condition of your HP books. In my heart and mind, there is somewhere a real Hogwarts and a real Harry Potter, now with his family, with the war of good and evil having been won, for now. Thanks for a great post, Leenie!


  4. Keeba I’m glad! There is so much that she hints at in early books that doesn’t become important until later. The second and third time reading it can be so fun (as can the 19th). I’ve also got a place in my heart where I’ve imagined endings for the characters beyond what JK Rowling wrote.

    Catherine my brother was the same way! I was a big reader before Harry Potter came along but it is my favorite thing to read.

    Alana that’s so true!


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