The Funny Thing About Pirates- Part 2

So a few weeks ago I introduced you guys to my childhood gang, The Pirates.  It’s worth mentioning that our younger siblings were relegated to the vastly inferior, thought technically more numerous, Meats.

The only real reason for this was that we needed SOMEONE to fight and it couldn’t be the grown ups.  We needed to be able to count on them for food and stuff.  I think the reason that they were called “The Meats” was that my cousin Thomas was a rather pudgy infant and was nicknamed Meatball, but in all honesty I don’t remember.


All of the Members of the (then disbanded) Pirates and Meats.

I promise I’ll go through and post some of the old pictures one of these days so you can see us in all our piratey glory.

Anyway in that picture my cousin Patrick is second from the right, Colleen is fourth from the left and I’m right next to her, everyone else was a Meat.  So clearly they had the advantage.  At least that’s what we told our selves.

It can be rather frustrating to wage war on an enemy who has no interest in being your enemy.  Where’s the fun in hitting someone with water balloons if they won’t retaliate?  Why bother capturing a Meat if they immediately volunteer to be a double agent?  It was a hard time for us, but we over came.

We had an older cousin, Cooper, and he was so much older that, to me at least, he was already an adult.  In reality he was in middle school.  So we named him, and his friends, The Hooligans and we stalked them in the summers and “attacked”  them instead.  This was much more satisfying because they would get much more irritated.

Eventually we had to stop messing with them because they started hanging out elsewhere, so it was back to The Meats.

I hope you leave here laughing.



4 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About Pirates- Part 2

  1. Okay, Leenie, I’m wondering how many poor little innocent water balloons gave their lives for your meats/pirates battles? My father started a riot in New York City one year (early 1940’s) as a student at a famous university. He and several friends dropped water balloons from an upper floor of a dorm, and hung back. So no one knew who was actually dropping the water balloons, and everyone thought it was someone else, and it became a riot. With my father and his friends watching from premium seats. LOL! Wonderful how creative you and your family were!


  2. Hahahaha that’s awesome! I always wanted to do that to someone (hopefully I wouldn’t start a riot!) but I’ve never found the chance.
    I’ll have to post about our water balloon fights, we easily filled and threw thousands of them.


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