The Funny Thing About Lip Syncing

I am a very competitive person.  I like to win, and I really don’t care about making a fool of myself if that’s what it takes.  In college I was friends with a group of people who felt similarly, and thus our lip syncing career was born.

It started my sophomore year, we were living in an on campus community that helped support a local school, and every year as a fundraiser they had a lip syncing contest. I’d been the year before and had been fairly unimpressed.  I’d decided that I could do better and Colleen agreed.  We got two of our suite mates, Christy and Carrie,  and one of our neighbors, Giovani,  to agree to do it but then found out we’d missed the sign up.  We were bummed but life went on there was always next year.

The night before the contest there was a late drop out and they needed to fill the spot.  We were in.  Unfortunately there are no pictures or video of our performance of “It’s Raining Men” but I assure you it was amazing.  At the chorus Giovani wearing nothing but a gold speedo ran into the crowd and threw pictures of attractive men up in the air as he went. People went crazy and we won.

Shockingly this gave us a bit of notoriety among the people who were into such things, and several people came up to me and warned me that they had stepped up their game and that a victory wouldn’t be so easy to come by next year.

I believe it was my idea to lip sync “My Heart Will Go On” and to act out Titanic in the background, but Christy, Colleen, and Carrie agreed immediately.  Giovani on the other hand flat out refused, despite his love for both the movie Titanic and for Celine Dion.  Whatever.  We didn’t need him.


Me as Jack and Carrie as Rose, practicing our “lines”.

Preparing for this involved quite a lot of time and money, in fact we ended up spending more money than we could possibly win but we didn’t care.  Our pride was priceless.

We made a Titanic replica out of cardboard, as well as an ice burg.  Carrie had a dress that I (as Jack) would rip off revealing a flesh toned body suit.  Colleen had to play the roll of Cal and the Captain and anyone else we needed because Christy was Celine Dion and had to be the one “singing”.  Pretty much the only rule of the competition was that at least one member had to be lip syncing at all times.

Unfortunately the video won’t embed into this post for some reason but it was absolutely wonderful.  We won again and set the bar even higher for everyone else.


The four of us after our win.

So have you ever done something outrageous to get a win? Leave a comment!

I hope you leave here laughing.



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