Magic Monday- Magic and Snuffles

When I was in fourth grade our class had a pet rat.  Her name was Snuffles and I volunteered to take her home one weekend. She looked like this…


Magic was not a fan of her presence. Cinnamon didn’t really care.  This is a picture of the two of them around that time.


You let WHAT into our house?!

One day, a little while after I started my New Life; My Girls got back from School I noticed something different.  My Girl Leenie smelled like a rat!  Rats are almost as bad as squirrels and I won’t let them in my house.  I looked around and didn’t see one but I could still smell it.  Finally my nose led to to My Girl’s room and there it was!  Sitting in a cage on top of the stack of boxes my girls keep their furs in, acting like it had any right to be in my house.  A rat.  

Luckily it would be easy for me to catch, because it was in a cage and couldn’t get away.  Even more luckily My Girls had left the boxes open so I could jump from one to the other to get to the top.  I wobbled and tilted the higher I got but I was on a mission.  I heard My Girl Leenie coming and I hoped that she would help me, maybe she could put the cage on the ground and open it for me.  Instead she yelled at me! She picked me up and put me on the ground and said I was a Bad Dog.  Maybe she thought I brought the rat in?  

I didn’t though, and I tried not to let her confusion hurt my feelings.  It’s not her fault humans aren’t very smart.  Once I was on the ground again I ran over to the boxes, she’d shut them but I stuck my nose in and opened them up.  She yelled at me again and this time carried me out of the room!  I yelled and squirmed, I just wanted to save her from the stupid rat!  What was her problem?  It’s not like rats have a purpose no one would have one as a pet, like they would a dog.  

I sat outside her door and scratched on it and whined and barked hoping that she would realize that I was right and that the rat should be killed.  She didn’t.  

When she finally came out she slid out a tiny opening in the door and then shut it so that I couldn’t get in.  I pushed my nose against it but it didn’t move.  I sighed and laid down. There was no one there to let me in so I didn’t bother scratching. I decided to wait for My Girl Colleen.  I was sure that she’d have more sense.  

She didn’t.  She and Leenie both slid in and out of the door and didn’t let me near the rat.  Other Dog Cinnie didn’t seem to care as much as I did.  She said that humans did silly things from time to time and keeping me away from the rat was probably one of them.  

When bed time came I knew that I’d won.  My Girls finally let me in the room, but they made me go right into my kennel.  They locked me in and turned out the lights.  I barked and whined and scratched and pushed on the door as hard as I could.  In knew I could escape, I’d done it before, and then I would finally kill that rat.  Every once in a while on of My Girls would tell me to be quiet but I pretended not to understand them.  If they’d let me do my job earlier, I wouldn’t be keeping them up now.  They had only their selves to blame.  Eventually My Girl Leenie got up and took the rat out of the room.  I didn’t stop though, now there was no one to protect the rat and I would surly be able to kill it.  I just had to get out of my kennel.  

The next thing I knew I woke up.  I must have fallen asleep.  I was ashamed but knew that today was the day to kill the rat.  My Girls and their Brother had to go to Soccer, which was not at all exciting because I had to be on a leash and there were too many people and always car rides, but that gave me more time to find and kill the rat.  

The only problem was, it was gone. I could still smell it but it wasn’t in the house.  Other Dog Cinnie promised that she hadn’t killed it and I believed her.  She thought killing rats was beneath her, although she’d still go for squirrels.  We looked around the house, and then outside but it was no where.  Finally I caught a whiff of it as I was passing by the garage.  It was in the garage!  I shoved the door but it didn’t move.  The whole day and the next I tried all my ways of getting in the garage but none of them worked.  

Then it was time for School again and the rat was gone. I don’t know what happened to it but I don’t think they killed it, which is good because I wanted to do that.  Other Dog Cinnie says I shouldn’t worry about it anymore so I don’t, I have a plan for the next time a rat comes into my house though.  


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