The Funny Thing About The Funeral

Okay, small disclaimer here; this might be a touchy subject, this story does involve the death of a good man, however his wife knows this story and laughed at it.  Not only that she said that it helped her to face that terrible time in her life.  Anyway here goes.

In February of 2011 I was a sophomore in college and was living on campus in a community that was based on faith and community service.  It also offered the best housing on campus for under classmen and was a good way to make friends.   While we were on break (we had the first week of February off) the woman who ran the community, Karen, went scuba diving with her husband, Nick, for their anniversary.  He had a heart attack while underwater and didn’t make it.

We all got an email on Friday telling us what had happened and, of course, we were all shocked and saddened to hear the news.  The email also told us that there would be a funeral service held the following Saturday and that all members of the community were invited to attend.

My friends Christy and Giovani were the only two from the community on campus at the time and both decided that they would go.  So the next day they both got dressed up and went to the church detailed in the email.

Because they both had terrible senses of direction they arrived late and snuck in the back.  They sat in the pew and didn’t see anyone they knew, they couldn’t even see Karen.  They sat through a full Catholic mass, they took communion, and still they didn’t see anyone they knew.  Once everyone had taken communion and the priest made his closing remarks he asked anyone who wanted to come say a few words to do so.  A man jumped up and said, “I’ve known Bob Wilson and his wife Amelia for nearly fifty years…” I’m sure there was more but that was enough to convince Christy and Giovani what they must have known on some level all along, they were at the wrong funeral.

They knew they had to leave but they didn’t want to be rude and run out while people were reminiscing.  So they sat through the rest of it, and finally they were able to make their escape.

Despite the fact that they were both majoring in English, both had misread the email and thought the funeral was that day rather than a week from that day, after school had started again.

This most grievous faux pas was and is something that we continue to tease them about to this day.  It’s not something that most people ever experience, and I imagine not something they’d care to repeat.


Most of the community later that year.

I hope you leave here laughing,



4 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About The Funeral

  1. I’ve heard of people accidentally crashing wedding receptions, when you have several receptions going on simultaneously in different rooms of a catering hall. But going to the wrong funeral mass is a first for me. Definitely something to remember.


  2. In a day and age when so many funeral services are held in the ‘Chapel’ of a mortuary I have seen people wandering the halls looking for the correct room. You did leave me with a smile. When I wrote my dad’s eulogy, I made sure to include humor as much as possible.


  3. Leenie, this kind of real story is why they write such scenes into sitcoms! And blessedly, your friends did not miss the real funeral! I wonder how many others this has happened to?? Thanks fof a great post!


  4. @Alana Right?! It’s just such a bizarre thing to have happen.
    @Snarkky Mama, that’s good. I think it’s important to keep humor in the things even when it’s hard.
    @Kebba I’m glad you enjoyed it! I have no idea! It seems like such a strange thing to have happen.


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