The Funny Thing About Communal Bathrooms

My freshman year of college there were roughly 50 girls sharing 10 bathroom stalls and 7 showers.  This wasn’t a big deal for me.  And I don’t know of anyone who ever had to wait for a stall or a shower except for one time.  The time when this picture was taken:


It was the “Weekend of Welcome” before school started and one of the activities that we could do was to paint the letters on the hill above our school.  There were huge and it was really really fun. We turned one of the letters into a waterslide, or paint slide rather.  The 10 of us who participated in our dorm were covered  in wet paint and obviously, we all wanted to shower but there weren’t enough stalls.  At the very moment this picture was taken we were all calculating exactly how fast we had to be to be one of the lucky seven who got to shower before the paint dried in our hair.

I was lucky enough to live just inside the door to the building and only two doors away from the bathroom.  I’d also thought ahead and put my shower stuff out before I left so that all I had to do was grab it and run.  I did and it worked.  I was the second one in.  I don’t know who else got one, or even who didn’t but I remember very clearly the jokes about showering stopping and the plotting beginning as we posed for that picture.

I hope you leave here laughing.



4 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About Communal Bathrooms

  1. Leenie, wow! Another great story and memory-prompter. We never had to wait for showers at my college. However, we noticed that most people headed for the same toilet stall in any given bathroom. We joked about doing a study, counting the total number of uses of each toilet across a number of bathrooms. Then we would have observed any possible patterns in the choice. I guess we needed some comic relief from our very serious studies!


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