The Funny Thing About Being Far From Home

I’m from California, I’ve almost always lived in California, and I’ve never wanted to live anywhere except California (except Ireland, but who wouldn’t want to live there?).  Anyway last year I spent 9 months working in New Jersey. There’s nothing wrong with the East Coast, I just did not like living there. Now that I’m back on the West Coast I’m much happier, especially given the weather the East Coast had the past week.

I’m from a very small town in Northern California, it’s not close to any of the big cities Sacramento is 2 hours(ish) away and San Fransisco is 3.  It’s not uncommon for people who live an hour away from me to never have heard of my town, so while I was in New Jersey I almost never even bothered to mention it’s location because people just got confused.  A lot of people fail to grasp how big California is.

While I was working in New Jersey we briefly hired a guy to come help us with stalls in the morning.  On his first day I was walking around with him, and we got to talking. I asked him where he was from, he said a town not too far away.  When he asked me I told him, “California, actually.” He was surprised and said that he’d lived in California until he was ten. The he asked where, and I gave my standard “three hours north of San Fransisco” answer to which he said, “Which town?”  I told him and then came to find out that he was from a town less than 30 minutes away.  We spent the rest of the morning chatting about places we had in common,  there were probably people we had in common but he quit before we came across any.


I hope you leave here laughing.



6 thoughts on “The Funny Thing About Being Far From Home

  1. You know one thing I’ve come to realize is that you never know what life will throw at you. I remember my first time being away from home for college. I had to cross oceans and land to get there. And I thought there would NO-ONE in this little Illinois town who would know where Trinidad and Tobago was. Turned out I wasn’t the only person from the Caribbean on the 6000 student campus! What are the odds!


  2. Coming from a native Californian who grew up in San Diego, now in Sacramento, I know exactly what you mean when you say this is a big state. It really can be a small world! I have met several bloggers on WP who are from Nor Cal 🙂 Welcome back!


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