The Funny Thing About Being the 3rd Favorite Child (Part 1)

I don’t actually believe that I am my parents 3rd favorite child.  It’s just something I say because it drives them crazy and I have quite a bit of anecdotal proof that it’s true.  But just so we’re clear it’s not something I actually think.

I honestly don’t remember how old I was when this story took place, I guess I was about twelve but it’s totally possibly that someone in my family is going to text me and say I was ten or fourteen.  If that happens I’ll let you guys know.

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The Funny Thing About Seamus

I spent January of 2013 in Ireland.  I loved, loved, loved it.  We went from Dublin out to the coast and pretty much took a tour around the whole country before ending in Dublin again. There were about 20 students and two professors.


The whole group on our tour of Derry.

There was a girl on the trip named Kylie, and she was one of those people who effortlessly made people feel included and liked.  For some reason that I don’t remember she really wanted to meat a guy named “Seamus” while we were in Ireland. Because she was such a likable person we all soon became aware of her mission and sought to help her achieve her goal.

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