Magic Monday- Magic Babysits

Magic was not an aggressive dog, his bark was absolutely worse than his bite, but there was one time when we were babysitting my cousin when he let his cranky side get the better of him.


He was the king of turning his head at the last second to prevent a good picture.

My Girls have started bringing little humans in the house for hours at a time on the weekends.  I don’t know why they do this but it’s a waste of time that they could be spending with me so I don’t like it very much.  No matter how many times My Girls tell them not to they still pull on my ears and push on my sides when they stand up.  Sidekick Cyrus loves them.  He likes the noises they make when he licks them or knocks them over, I don’t like those noises, they make me nervous. I do my best to avoid the little humans but it’s hard to do that AND to watch My Girls at the same time.  

The little human that is here the most is called Jean.  Sometimes her sister Isobel comes, I like her sister because she’s older and knows not to bother me. Jean on the other paw I don’t like.  I growl at her when she pokes me, but she acts like she doesn’t even know what that means! Once I lost it and I nipped her on the chin.  She deserved it, she’d laid down on me like I was a pillow!  Cinnie said that I was a bad dog, and so did My Girls, so I guess they might be right.  But it’s her fault.  She’s the one who ignored my growling.  

My Girls didn’t tell Mom or anyone else about me being a bad dog.  That’s why I have the best Girls.  Even if I do a bad dog thing they don’t tell on me.  Now when Jean comes over they make sure that she doesn’t come close to me.  I like it that way.  


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