The Funny Thing About Disneyland

Like a lot of people I know who went to high school in California, my senior class went on a trip to Disneyland.  They have several “Grad Nights” a year where the park is closed to everyone except various high schools.  It was really crowded but really fun.

The people I spent most of my time with in high school were not really into the idea of Disneyland, they thought we should have gone somewhere more mature. I thought (and still think) that that was crazy.  Disneyland is the best.  Because I knew they weren’t as excited as I was for the trip, I decided not to hang out with them in the park.  Instead Colleen and I joined up with two of our friends, Jose and  Corey.

As we walked in it was starting to rain a little so the staff were handing out plastic bags for us to put our belongings in to protect them.


This is us right after we entered the park.

Now Colleen, Corey, and I had all been to Disneyland before but it was Jose’s first time.  We decided that our first stop should be Splash Mountain. Somehow Jose didn’t know that that was a water ride, despite the name, and agreed to come with us.

We were in line for about 45 minutes and the whole time we were advising Jose to put his phone into Colleen’s bag, where we’d stored all our phones and sweaters and stuff.  But he declined, and kept texting.  Once we got toward the front of the line and he saw the people getting off the ride he said that he didn’t want to go.  We deemed it unacceptable for someone to go to Disneyland and not to go on Splash Mountain so we convinced (bullied) him into coming with us.  He agreed but still wouldn’t give up his phone.

When it was time to get on the ride Colleen put the stuff we’d given her in the little cubbies that they have so you don’t drop stuff on the ride.  We clamored into our log and set off.  Jose ended up in front and it wasn’t until we were in the middle of the forrest listening to woodland creatures singing “Zippady-Do-Dah” that we noticed that he still had his phone.

At that point we told him to put it away so it didn’t get wet.  He said it would be fine, considering how tame the ride is in the beginning.  We decided to let it go.  Even as we climbed up the mountain before the final drop it ever occurred to him what was about to happen.

We plummeted down screaming and crashed into the wall of water that soaked us and, Jose’s phone, which he’d had in his hand.  He was not happy to say the least.  Though we did tell him like 100 times he decided that it was all Corey’s fault and as soon as we got off the ride went to find other people to hang out with.

We didn’t mind.  I liked him and all, but I wanted to enjoy my time there and not worry about who was mad about what.

I hope you leave here laughing.



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