Magic Monday- The 4th of July

Magic hated loud noises.  If there was a thunder storm or it was a holiday where people shot off fireworks he was a mess (the 4th and New Years etc).  We tried tranquilizers but he seemed to have an ability to keep them from affecting him until hours or days later.


Don’t let any fireworks happen, OK?

The world almost ended last night.  I’ve been in my New Life for a long time now, well long enough that School started and ended again and nothing this scary has ever happened happened last night.  It started with The Pack bringing in a lot of new people to the back yard.  They had lots of good food and the kids gave me a lot of it.  Plus I stole a few hot dogs and ate them under the deck.  That part wasn’t so bad.  

But then the it got dark. I prefer the dark most of the time but last night there were loud noises that kept happening over and over.  I didn’t know where they were coming from so I couldn’t fight them.  The worst part was that I tried to warn The Pack to hide but they wouldn’t listen!  Not only that they started making the noises!  This time there were bright lights and lots of smoke with the loud noises.  I didn’t know what to do.

Sidekick Cyrus was scared too.  We ended up going in My Girls’ room and they put on some music for us to listen to, but it didn’t help.  They came in later and patted us and told us we were good but the noises kept happening.

 Finally they stopped.  Now that it’s day time I can still smell the smoke but the noises haven’t come back.  I hope I scared them away.


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