Magic Monday- Magic and the Groomer

Magic did not like the groomer, but the only way to keep him cool in the summer was to give him a buzz cut.  Sometimes if we got it done in May there’d be a few cool days where he needed a blanket.


This morning when everyone got ready to go to School and Work, My Girls put my leash on me and put me in the car with them!  I was a little nervous because I don’t like the car much but I was excited that I would get to do School with My Girls.

But when we got to school My Girls got out of the car and forgot me! I whined at the window and scratched on the door but they just went into a little house and didn’t come back for me.  That made me a little sad, and nervous because if I wasn’t going to School why was I in the car.  I couldn’t be going to Work with Dad, the only other place we’d go would be The Pound.  

I started panting nervously and shaking a bit when I realized they were taking me back to The Pound.  I didn’t want to go, but I hoped that I’d be able to find another nice family, and start a New New Life. Or that I’d be able to escape and find my girls.  Either one would be good.  

When we finally stopped, it was a different pound than the one I’d been to before.  But I could hear the dogs barking and I could see the kennels.  I tried to make a run for it, but Dad held my leash so I had to follow him.  

The Pound Lady smiled at me and told Dad to put me on the table.  Dad said I didn’t like to be picked up so she got a few boxes for me to jump on so that I could jump on the table myself.  I wouldn’t have done it except she had some food in her hand.  

Once I was on the table she put a different leash around my neck and took the one I was wearing off, she even took off my collar.   Then she started brushing me.  I tolerate brushing when one of My Girls does it, but I don’t like it when anyone else does it.  I started hoping around and jumping so that she’d stop but she didn’t.  Then she had me jump down and tried to have me jump in a bath.  I was too smart for that though.  I pretended not to know what she wanted.  Even when she offered me food I wouldn’t do it.  

Just when I thought I’d won she bent down and picked me up!  I got put in the bath and I didn’t even get a treat!  She had the upper paw and I had to take it back.  When the bath was over she just carried me back to the table and started blasting me with air!  This was the worst part but I couldn’t escape.  Once my fur was all fluffy she brushed me out again.  I was getting tired at this point but I still put up a decent fight.  

Finally she was done brushing me and I figured I’d be taken to a kennel to recover.  I was wrong.  She got a machine that growled at me and she put it in my fur.  When she pulled it out, my fur fell off!  I renewed my struggles but she shaved my legs, tummy, and rump.  She only left the fur on my head and a puff on my tail.  Finally she put me in a kennel. 

A while later My Girls came and got me.  They told me I looked like a lion.  I don’t know what a lion is, but it’s probably not as good as a dog.  I don’t know what the Fur Stealing place is called but that’s why I went there.  Other Dog Cinnie says she’s never been to one so she doesn’t know why I got to go, what with her being in The Pack longer than me.  I told her that she can go for me next time.  I hope I never go to one again.


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