The Funny Thing About Horses Part 2

Horses are such an important part of my life but I’ve had a hard time thinking of stories to tell that the everyday non horses person would enjoy which is why I don’t talk about them all that often.  However I think I’ve got one that anyone will be able to find the humor in.


All of us trying to keep warm.

It was early October when I was working at a barn on the East Coast.  I’d woken up at normal chore time but since I didn’t have to get up I was dozing off again.  I heard Paige, the other girl I worked with, drive the ATV up to the house, I heard her slam the door as she ran in, and I heard her thunder up the stairs.  The whole time I was hoping that she had just forgot something in her room, but no she banged my door open and yelled, “Leenie, Aria left some of the stall doors open last night and the horses are out!”

Aria was a girl who had just started working at the barn.  And though she was very experienced with horses she wasn’t so experienced with the ins and outs of working with them.  Namely, if you’re the last one at the barn at night to give everything a look over to make sure all is well.

Anyway I jumped up and dressed as fast as I could and we raced out the door.  I climbed on back of the ATV and we drove to the barn.  There were three horses out.  One we found in the tack room, he’d managed to open the doors to a few of the lockers and, failing in finding any treats, he’d resorted to licking the polish off of the saddles.  The second horse had gone back to his stall after eating the hay out of the empty stalls, so he too was an easy catch.  The third horse there was no sign of.  We got back on the ATV and drove around the whole property looking, but didn’t see a sign of him.  We were just preparing to call our boss when I saw his head sticking out of a stall window.  He hadn’t run off at all, Aria had just put him in the wrong stall the night before.

We did tell our boss what had happened, and given that the worst that we had to deal with was some poop where we didn’t usually have to, she took it reasonably well.

I hope you leave here laughing.



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