Magic Monday- Magic and the Bones (Part 1)

Magic loved bones, as most dogs do, and had several humorous instances with them.


Nom, nom, nom.  Don’t take this from me!

The Pack did something strange today.  Actually it’s been going on for a while but today was the end of it, I think.  It started with My Girls and Mom taking things and wrapping them in colorful paper, there wasn’t anything good in them so I didn’t really care.  But then they brought a tree inside and got mad at me when I tried to pee on it.  I thought they did it so that I don’t have to go out in the rain to pee but apparently they did it to trick me, Other Dog Cinnie says they do this every year.  Then they put the colorful things under the tree, right there on the floor.  I tried to put them in a circle but some of the big ones were too heavy and My Girls made me stop moving the little ones.  

Finally today My Girls and Brother woke up early and got Mom and Dad up.  Usually it’s the other way around.  The whole pack gathered around and tore the paper off the stuff.  This makes no sense to me, and they put ribbons around my neck and bows on my head which annoys me, finally they put one of the wrapped packages in front of me.  I don’t know what it is so I walk away.

“Come on, Mag.” My Girl Leenie says, “Open it.” I don’t know what she means so I just look at her. Finally she pulled the paper off and handed me a bone.  I was so excited.  I took it and laid by the fireplace chewing it.  Other Dog Cinnie got one too.  She buried it in Dad’s chair.  I told her that was a bad place to burry it because Dad sits there all the time.  She ignored me.  A little while later Dad sat right on her bone and she went crazy, barking and jumping.  My Girls laughed and Dad eventually moved and she got her bone back.  

I went and buried mine under the deck.  When I came back inside Cinnie was asleep, so I stole her bone and ate it.  


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