Meet Dempsey

A few weeks ago my mom and I were picking up a new hen (we were down to about 30 so were in need of some new ones) and the woman’s two Boxers (dogs not underwear) escaped her house and came out to greet us.  We assured that we loved Boxers and had had them for years, though our last one (Cinnamon who’s heavily featured in Magic Monday) died in 2004.

“Oh,” she said, “well there’s a female Boxer at animal control right now.” We were instantly intrigued.  The woman told us that she had put in an application to adopt her, only because she didn’t want her to be put down; and said she’d withdraw if we put in our own application.  Well it took very little to convince dad, which is pretty shocking, and we put in an application.  Long story short, we didn’t get her.  She went to another family, and that was that.

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Magic Monday-Magic and the Sleep Over

Magic wasn’t housebroken when we rescued him, but it took us only a few days to house break him.  Once he got the hang of it he had an accident may three times in fifteen years.  However he would occasionally, when he felt that an injustice had been dealt him, poop in the house to send a message.

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Magic Monday- Magic and 4H

I did 4H growing up, from 4th grade through sophomore year of high school.  When I was younger I only did the dog project because I didn’t have a place to raise animals and I really didn’t want to raise an animal to be killed.  As I got older I changed my mind on that point but there was a soccer tournament that conflicted with the county fair and livestock auction every year, so it wasn’t an option.  Anyway Magic was pretty good in the end of the year shows, except for this one time.

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Magic Monday- Magic and McDonald’s

When we were really young, before John was born, my dad started taking the us to McDonalds or some other fast food joint for breakfast on Sundays, and then to the park or bowling or something else fun, so that mom could have a break from us.  This tradition continues to this day, though now it’s evolved to Dad picking it up and bringing it home for all of us.  Somewhere during the time we stopped all going at eating at the restaurant the dogs, which ever ones we had at the time, started getting to go.  The people who worked at the drive through always gave them treats.

This was a weekly problem for Magic, he hated car rides, but he knew if he didn’t go the other dogs would get food and he wouldn’t.


Sometimes I want to sleep in on Sundays too!

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