Magic Monday- Magic and Dad

When we first got Magic he was afraid of most men, including my dad. However this was not the case forever, as you can see from this picture.


When I first started my New Life I wasn’t sure about Dad.  He was a pretty scary guy when I first me him.  I was pretty sure that he was gonna be mad at me for every thing.  But then My Girls clearly loved him so I finally decided that he wasn’t so bad.  

I realized that Dad is pretty good to sleep on.  Sometimes when the whole Pack is gathered around looking at the picture box I’ll climb up on to his tummy and fall asleep or burp on his face.  My Girls think that it’s pretty funny when I do that.  

When Dad feeds me, I always get more food, and he usually puts some people food in with it so it’s extra good.  When he does that Other Dog Cinnie eats super fast so that I can’t steal hers, I still try though. 


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