The Funny Thing About Bike Rides

When I was younger my dad used to take John, Colleen, and me on bike rides on the weekends.  It was always really fun and we’d go around the neighborhood and to town.  There was only ever one incident, which is of course the subject of this story.

Mom was running errands on this particular Saturday so the four of us hopped on our bikes and headed out.  Apparently before the bike ride there was some sort of plan put into place where we’d stop at a recently closed pizza place/ arcade (which was the BEST) to see if they were selling any of their games.  However I was in the other room or just not paying attention and I was totally unaware of this plan.

I’ve alluded to my competitive side before, and when it came to riding bikes I did not like to be behind.  So I got ahead and I just went.  After a little while Mom drove past us and ended up picking up Colleen and taking her home because she wasn’t feeling well.  I took off down with out much thought as to whether or not Dad and John were behind me.  It turns out, they weren’t. It wasn’t until I got to a stop sign about half a mile past the “planned stopping place” that I decided to stop and figure out when we were turning around and if a stop to get lunch was in the cards.  Seeing that I was alone I wasn’t too worried I just waited.  And waited.  And waited for what seemed like hours.  Finally I gave up and decided to turn around.  If worst came to worst I’d just ride home.

Meanwhile at a restaurant next to our “planned stopping place” my dad was in a panic. This was before cell phones were prevalent so he had no way of getting a hold of me.  First he called my Mom and told her to come get John and that he couldn’t find me.  Then he called 911 to report me missing.  Obviously they asked him to describe my bike and what I was wearing.  He got the bike right but he described Colleen’s outfit, this would probably have gone unnoticed except she walked in with my Mom right after he’d finished his description.

At some point my mom decided that her time would be best served driving down the street to see if she could find me.  She clearly did and everything worked out, except all the games from the pizza place were sold.

I hope you leave here laughing.



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