The Funny Thing About Dolphins

When I was 11 my family went on vacation to San Diego, we went to the zoo, Universal Studios, Lego Land, and Sea World.  One of the things we did at Sea World was to swim with dolphins.

Before we got in the tank we were taken into a room with the other groups who were participating and they gave us an overview of how to behave and what not, as well as an overview of dolphins and whales in general.  At the end the trainers asked if we had any questions and someone asked “Do they bite?”  We were assured over heartily that they did not, the assured us that Dolphins are friendly and non aggressive.  I wasn’t worried about being bitten because we were swimming with bottle nosed dolphins who have long narrow noses and so would have a hard time getting a good grip on someone even if they did decide to bite them.

Once we got in the water our dolphin swam up and bit my dad; then promptly threw up.  I have no idea why she did this, I’m not even sure that the bite and ensuing vomit were related.  I do know that it was one of the funniest things I’d ever seem at that point in my life.  Colleen and I were dying.  My parents and John were (understandably) alarmed.

The rest of the time was extremely fun, we all got to “walk” the dolphin and make it do tricks and we got our picture taken.


I hope you leave here laughing.



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