The Funny Thing About First Words

I’m currently a nanny for a very bright and very entertaining one year old girl named Stephanie.  I’ve been her nanny since August and so have got to see her grow from a baby who couldn’t roll over to a toddler who now runs around and is developing a basic vocabulary.

It is pretty common in comedies and such for a baby’s first word to be something inappropriate or condemning and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t partially concerned about that when it became clear that Stephanie was close to talking.  I knew I didn’t have too much to worry about though because I don’t swear around her.  One Monday I show up for work and Stephanie’s mom excitedly tells me that she said her first word, “kitty”.  I’m more of a dog person but I celebrated with her briefly before she headed off to work.

When Stephanie woke up I decided to see for myself.  I brought one of the cats inside and showed it to her, “Titty” she said.  Clear as day.  Then over and over again, “Titty! Titty! Titty!”  I was in hysterics.  Obviously she was talking about the cat but that’s not what she was saying.  I hope her parents got a recoding of it to show her when she gets older.

I hope you leave here laughing.



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