The Funny Thing About Vegas

I’ve mentioned Sports Band before but this is a story is not part of the Saga that that one became, it actually happened a few weeks before the other one started.  Our basketball conference has it’s end of the year tournament in Vegas every year.  In fact the tournament starts tonight which is why I felt the need to post this today.


This is us that year.

Now there had been tensions between the Band and our School since my freshman year but by the time I was a senior (as I was in this story) things had, for the most part smoothed out.  The school still refused to pay for our meals but had agreed to reimburse us if we gave them out receipts when we returned.  Instead one guy, Kelly, volunteered to pay for everyone’s food and then get reimbursed.  We agreed.  Of course this meant that almost anywhere we went we were going in a group of 25.  Pretty much any restaurant’s worst nightmare.

Our hotel offered an all you can eat breakfast and lunch buffet with bottomless champagne and the best part was once you went in you could return multiple times as long as you had the card they gave you.  This made it easier on Kelly and since there was bottomless alcohol no one else was complaining.

Our first morning there, many of us several mimosa’s deep, our director reminded us to be on time, not to make the school look bad, that we were in a desert and make sure we stayed hydrated.  We all laughed and mocked him but he did have a point.  Come rehearsal time, a few hours later, several of the underclassmen (the ones who couldn’t buy alcohol legally and so felt the need to chug as much of it as often as they could) we nursing hangovers. Being hung over while stuck in a small crowded room with 24 other people who are tuning their instruments is pretty much the last place you want to be.

They got through it though, there’s something energizing about basketball, and the gatorade jugs of water that we were provided helped as well.  I’m sure this won’t be the last of our Vegas adventures that I post.

I hope you leave here laughing.



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