Magic Monday- Magic and McDonald’s

When we were really young, before John was born, my dad started taking the us to McDonalds or some other fast food joint for breakfast on Sundays, and then to the park or bowling or something else fun, so that mom could have a break from us.  This tradition continues to this day, though now it’s evolved to Dad picking it up and bringing it home for all of us.  Somewhere during the time we stopped all going at eating at the restaurant the dogs, which ever ones we had at the time, started getting to go.  The people who worked at the drive through always gave them treats.

This was a weekly problem for Magic, he hated car rides, but he knew if he didn’t go the other dogs would get food and he wouldn’t.


Sometimes I want to sleep in on Sundays too!

It’s the Food Day. Today Dad takes Side Kick Cyrus and me to a place where they hand him food into the car, and we always get some too.  But sometimes I think he’s going to take me back to The Pound instead.  Cyrus says that Dad wouldn’t take us to The Pound but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he’s never been there.  Plus he likes cars too much, he doesn’t know they can be scary.  Sometimes he jumps out the window when we drive because he sees something he wants.  It happened a few times before Dad told My Girls about it.  Once they knew they got mad and made Dad promise not to roll the window down all the way.  He still does it though.

I never know if I should go on Food Day.  I don’t know if My Girls will remember to feed me tonight, they’ve never forgotten but that doesn’t mean they won’t, so I should eat now.  But if I get in the car I might get taken to The Pound.  I know that Dad is going to leave soon so I have to decide. I should go, that way I get the food.  Food is good.

Dad calls us and we run out the door to The Big Car.  I like The Big Car because there’s a spot I can ride where it’s open and I can feel the wind.  It’s like having your whole body out the window but safer than the way Cyrus does it.  My Girls call it “The Bed” and they aren’t allowed to ride in it so I don’t know why dogs are. It doesn’t make sense.

It’s a big jump into The Bed but I can usually make it.  Not today though!  I don’t know what happened.  I jumped up high enough but something hit my tummy and shot me backwards.  I land in the driveway and shake myself like I’d done that on purpose, even though I didn’t.  Then I jump into the inside of The Big Car. It is lower and there are no forcefields throwing dogs out of it.

When Dad tells My Girls what happened he says something about, “the cable that holds the tailgate” but I don’t know what he means.  My Girls are petting me and giving me extra food that Cyrus isn’t getting because he was dumb and went outside while people were eating.

I still don’t know how to feel about Food Day but I like that I’m getting extra food right now.


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