The Funny Thing About Giving Blood (Part 1)

On a totally serious note, before we get into the shenanigans that occurred, giving blood is one of my favorite things to do.  It’s super easy and it helps so many people every year. So after you’re done reading this go make an appointment to donate some blood.

The first time I donated blood it was totally unremarkable. I sat down, they found my vein and half an hour later they told me I was free to go.  In most ways it was my best experience.  I sat down at the snack table (which was full of free pizza) and somewhere between grabbing my first slice and taking my first bite I became aware that I was going to faint.  I was no stranger to fainting at the time, and recognized the tunnel vision and the strange floating sensation.  For some reason there was no one at the table for me to alert so I just toppled over backward.  Fortunately for me I landed on one of the girls I played soccer with and she had the presence of mind to catch me.

Though I was unconscious I was told by several people that this caused a mild panic amid the volunteers.  I woke up with my feet on a chair and the rest of me on the ground.  We were in the band room and as anyone who’s ever been in a band room can tell you, the floor is disgusting.  I tried to get up right away but they made me stay down.  I tried to explain that I had low blood pressure and this was just something that happened sometimes.  They didn’t listen, not that I blame them.  They’re professionals and deal with collapsing people all over the place.  They didn’t know that I had this problem because I hadn’t told them.

Anyway they got a mat for me to lay on and continued their work.  I lay there for ten or fifteen minutes like a warning sign telling people not to donate.  Finally they let me go back to the snack table where I stuffed myself with pizza.

One overzealous person wanted to call me an ambulance, or at least have someone drive me to the hospital to get checked out.  Eventually they called my Dad and he told them he’d get me checked out.  This was a lie.  We went out to lunch and after I went home and slept.  If I’d wanted to go to a doctor or the hospital I’m sure he would have taken me. We both knew that this was just a thing that happened and that there was no need to make a fuss over it.

I hope you leave here laughing,



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