Magic Monday- Magic and 4H

I did 4H growing up, from 4th grade through sophomore year of high school.  When I was younger I only did the dog project because I didn’t have a place to raise animals and I really didn’t want to raise an animal to be killed.  As I got older I changed my mind on that point but there was a soccer tournament that conflicted with the county fair and livestock auction every year, so it wasn’t an option.  Anyway Magic was pretty good in the end of the year shows, except for this one time.

My girls have been taking me and Other Dog Cinnie to a thing called 4H.  I don’t know why it’s called that, but all we do is go on a car ride, not to The Pound, and then learn new tricks.  My Girls have taught Cinnie and me most of these tricks already so I don’t know why we keep going.  There are a bunch of other dogs but I don’t care about them very much, sometimes Other Dog Cinnie will get a little snappy with some of the other dogs but I don’t.  

Anyway, today we got up early, even earlier than when My Girls go to School. China got a bath, I had one yesterday, and I got bushed again. My Girls got all dressed in white with green hats, and we all got in the car and drove to a place I’d never been before.  It smelled like a lot of dogs but also other animals that I’ve never seen so I don’t know what they’re called.  I had to pee on everything.  

The other 4H dogs were there and we did the lining up thing, then a lady I’d never seen before came over to us and started looking at and poking at the dogs, and making a bother of herself.  When she got to me she knelt down and started to pet me and talk to My Girl Leenie.  Then she put one of her hands on my tummy and the other on my back,  I thought she was going to pick me up so I jumped and yelled and peed on her.  She went away after that which was good. At the very end we all changed order and I stood at the back of the line.  The strange lady gave out ribbons to a few of the other dogs but she didn’t come back toward me. 

After that we did the tricks that we had been practicing.  I was good about sitting while My Girl Leenie walked to the end of my leash.  Other Dog Cinnie wasn’t so good, she got tired halfway through and laid down. That was really silly because we had to lay down while our people stood at the end of our leashes right after the sitting thing.  I did really good at that.  

When I was done everybody how good my tricks were I got some cookies and My Girls got some human stuff that I didn’t car about because it didn’t smell like food.  Then we went home and I got lots more cookies. Probably because I was the only dog who knew that we had to stand up to that strange lady. 


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