Magic Monday-Magic and the Sleep Over

Magic wasn’t housebroken when we rescued him, but it took us only a few days to house break him.  Once he got the hang of it he had an accident may three times in fifteen years.  However he would occasionally, when he felt that an injustice had been dealt him, poop in the house to send a message.

I did a bad dog thing last night.  My Girls have a bunch of friends in the house and they’re loud and the kept trying to pick me up and bothering me.  So Mom locked me in My Girl’s room.  I scratched and whined but she didn’t come back.  It got quiet and I didn’t hear My Girls anymore. I hoped that they were taking those other girls home but they all came back inside laughing and talking.  

My Girls came and let me outside and I ran around and waited for the other girls to leave.  I had my dinner outside and I waited and waited and the girls still didn’t leave.  I don’t know who fed their dogs, but I hope it was someone.  

All the girls, even mine, started getting ready for bed, and they set up those rolled up dog beds that humans sleep in when they go camping in our living room.  I tried to hide in My Girl Erin’s bed but Mom found me and took me to My Girls’ room.  She didn’t put me in my kennel though, so I was walking around with all the other girl’s clothes.  I could smell that most of them did have dogs that they must have been neglecting tonight, and a few of them had cats which makes no sense.  

Anyway, it was night and I was sad and My Girls weren’t in the room with me so I did a bad dog thing.  I pooped on one of the other girls’ clothes.  I would have done all of them but I remembered that pooping on clothes was a bad dog thing so I didn’t.  Instead I went and hid in my kennel and hoped that I could find some way to blame this on Side Kick Cyrus.  

This morning Mom came and took the clothes away, she talked to someone else and there was laughing.  My Girls told mom that I should have been in my kennel and I wouldn’t have done that.  She said I shouldn’t have done it anyway.  


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