Meet Dempsey

A few weeks ago my mom and I were picking up a new hen (we were down to about 30 so were in need of some new ones) and the woman’s two Boxers (dogs not underwear) escaped her house and came out to greet us.  We assured that we loved Boxers and had had them for years, though our last one (Cinnamon who’s heavily featured in Magic Monday) died in 2004.

“Oh,” she said, “well there’s a female Boxer at animal control right now.” We were instantly intrigued.  The woman told us that she had put in an application to adopt her, only because she didn’t want her to be put down; and said she’d withdraw if we put in our own application.  Well it took very little to convince dad, which is pretty shocking, and we put in an application.  Long story short, we didn’t get her.  She went to another family, and that was that.

…Until that same woman texted Mom last Sunday and asked if we were still looking for a Boxer.  We set up a time to “go look” at him, but as my dad pointed out, you don’t just “go look” at a boxer puppy.  He had us won over as soon as we saw him.

Meet Dempsey (formerly Luke):


My name is Dempsey and I don’t hold still for pictures.

He is 8 months old and was taken in by a family with the best of intentions but who just didn’t have time for him, so he came home with us. His puppy antics have made all of us laugh.  He has a taste for reading glasses and chapstick but has yet to get into the trash (which is great).  He also destroyed his bed, which ended up landing him a spot in the human bed.  Dempsey had never experienced stairs and is still getting used to them.  He has tried to jump from the top to the landing (about 9 steps) and ends up slipping and sliding down.  Nothing dampens his spirit though, even when the cranky older dogs (Cyrus and Booge) try to take his toys or refuse to play.

He spent last weekend tearing around the house and property with Colleen’s new puppy, Sligo, who will have his own post later this week.


I’m sure that there will be more posts about Dempsey to come.

I hope you leave here laughing,



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