The Funny Thing About Sports Band (Part 2)

So, I’ve been really busy these past two weeks, family stuff, Easter, new dog, NCAA tournament, Camp Nanowrimo, you know life stuff. As a result I haven’t written on here in over two weeks.  OOPS!  Anyway my plan was to continue my sports band stories through the NCAA basketball tournament and wrap them up around the time of the national championship.  Obviously this didn’t happen.

So if you didn’t read the first story I’m going to encourage you to do so because this synopsis won’t have any of the humor that the post does, but here we go: We left off with a bunch of California kids in the midwest trying to get ahold of a movie that was 8 years old at that point.  We were there for the NCAA basketball tournament and our team had just defeated the powerhouse that is Middle Tennessee in Dayton, OH.

Normally a victory would have meant that we went to the hotel and packed our things and bright and early the next morning we would hop on a chartered plane to our next city.  Luxurious stuff.

But we were only heading to Auburn Hills, Michigan which was less than 300 miles away, and the NCAA doesn’t have to supply air travel of a distance under 300 miles.  As such, that night we packed up our things and bright and early the next morning we hoped on a charter bus to take us the four and a half(ish) hours to Auburn Hills.  Less luxurious.  The team still got to fly, but we ended up arriving at about the same time so no time was saved, just money.

Anyway on the bus trip there were only about 1,000 comments made about how the trip would be going by sooooooo much faster if we had something to watch, like Mean Girls.  It was decided that as soon as we got checked in we’d drop off our stuff in our rooms and take a shuttle to the mall.  We had the day off from practice and from games so really all we had to do was to track down that movie.

We did just that.  Except there wasn’t even a store that sold DVDs in the mall.  So we stopped off for lunch before deciding to walk to a “near by” Target.  Now if we’d been walking in nice weather this three mile trek wouldn’t have been so bad but it was Michigan in March so it wasn’t exactly ideal.  In fact it was 24 degrees and windy with snow on the ground.  And not one of us was dressed for it.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t started off our walk with an impromptu snowball fight.  No one had gloves but our excitement kept our hands warm, at first.  Once the running and screaming stopped and our hands went from numb to fiery cold, which is a temperature no matter how contradictory that sounds, and we had a trek to complete now in damp clothes with wet shoes and socks.

Whining about the cold only took so long, and it didn’t help take our mind off of it so instead we sang the NCAA theme song.  Here’s a video in case you don’t know what that is:

You may have noticed that there are no words.  We just vocalized the instruments and the result was cacophonous.  But it was really fun anyway and it kept us from remembering how cold we were.  At this point you might be wondering why we didn’t just give up and go back.  I don’t blame you, the only reason I can give is that it never crossed our minds.

When we finally got to Target, they did not have Mean Girls.  I’m sure this is a shock to you but it was a shock to us.  On the bright side they did have The Boondock Saints, which is pretty much the same movie. Well they’re not but they’re both in my top five favorite movies so it was a score.

Most members of the band hadn’t seen Boondock Saints so we decided to buy that and call it a day.  If we won the next two games we’d be heading home where we could finally get the movie and bring it with us on our further adventures.

We did not win our next two games.  We actually lost the next day to Memphis which I’ll talk about some other time.

I hope you leave here laughing.



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