Magic Monday- Magic and Emma

A few times growing up my family would foster a dog for a local dog rescue.  We were close with the woman who ran it, and I volunteer there when I was old enough.  Anyway Magic exclusively ignored theses dogs, with the exception of Emma.

My Girls got us a new friend, her name is Emma. She’s bigger than me and Other Dog Cinnie, and has a smooshed face.  She’s yellow and has floppy ears that I like to put my nose in.  Other Dog Cinnie doesn’t like her all that much, but she’s fun and she plays with me.  She sleeps in a crate in Mom and Dad’s room but when she’s not in her box she will chase me around the house, and will let me chase her around the house.  I bite her ankles and she tries to bite me but I’m too quick.  She was here for three days before Mom and My Girl Colleen took Emma on a car ride.  They said the word “adoption” a lot which is what they did with me, they also said “fair” which is where I did the dog show.  I don’t know why they’d take her to a fair and not be but I don’t care that much because she likes people more than I do.  

I thought everything was okay but then My Girl Colleen and Mom came home with out Emma.  They had her box which smelled like her, but they didn’t have Emma.  My Girls were sad and Mom said to them over and over that Emma was happier now, and that she had a kid to play with.  I guess that means that Emma isn’t coming back.  I give My Girls extra love so that they remember that they don’t really need to be sad about other dogs, because they have me.  

I’m sad that she’s gone but sometimes a dog has to pretend not to be sad so that his Girls can feel better.  


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