Magic Monday Magic goes Go School.

At the very end of 4th grade my teacher extended show and tell to include pets, so of course I brought Magic to meet my class.

Today I went to school.  It wasn’t very fun.  I don’t know why My Girls go so often.  Dad came home from work early and put me in the car, before I had time to worry too much about being taken to the pound we were stopping at a place I’d never been.  There were lots of kids there, I could smell them.  I couldn’t see them though.  Then My Girl Leenie came out of a room and took my leash.

 We went to a grassy spot where I peed like a good dog.  Then she took me inside a room. My Girl Erin wasn’t there, but there were a bunch of other kids were.  Leon introduced me, and talked about what a good dog I am, then she had me do some of the 4H tricks I’d learned.  She said that I was a shy dog so people could pet me, but only one at a time.  

One at a time the kids came up and petted me.  Some just rubbed my head but some gave me scratches and belly rubs.  When they were done Dad took my leash and My Girl Leenie walked with us out to the car.  I thought that she would get in with us but she didn’t.  She came home later.  I don’t know what they did after I left but it was probably pretty boring.  


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