Magic Monday-The Other 4th of July

I’m pretty sure I already talked about Magic’s first 4th of July, but as eventful as that was it wasn’t the most memorable one.  But since I’m trying to go roughly in chronological order I had to start with that one.  Anyway this one is far more eventful.

I thought the world was ending last night.  The day started off good cause My Girls aren’t doing School right now, so they spend lots of time with me.  Yesterday they stayed with me all day and when they all got ready to go to The Noodle’s House they brought me and Side Kick Cyrus with them.  

I like going to The Noodle’s House because we sit by her giant bad tasting water bowl and the people make food, they share it with the dogs.  It was one of the best days ever until everything went bad.  

When the sun started to go down the loud noises came.  No one else seemed to know what kind of terrible things can happen when loud noises happen but I did.  I tried to tell Mom about them but she didn’t care, so I went to find My Girls.

I found them, but they were on the grass and there was nothing to hide under.  I barked at them to come with me but they didn’t listen and I couldn’t wait any longer.  I had to go hide.  The good thing about The Noodle’s House is that there are a lot of good hiding spots, and I’m really good at hiding.  I knew I’d be safe until the noises left.  

I didn’t realize how long the noises would stay though.  It got darker and darker and the noises didn’t stop.  Nobody else even hid, it’s like they wanted to get got by the noises.  The Pack started calling me, and shining lights on the bushes.  Every time I tried to go to them the noises came back and I had to hide again.  Finally they stopped calling, and then even later the noises stop.  

I realized once the noises had stopped that I hadn’t had my dinner.  I don’t know where My Girls are but I look for them.  All the people are gone from where the food is made, but there is still food in their giant bucket of extra food and other stuff.  Normally I’d have Cyrus knock the bucket over for me but he’s not here so I have to do it.  Once I do I find all kinds of good stuff.  I don’t even notice that it got lighter until The Grampman calls my name.  I walk over to him and he puts me in the house.  A little while later My Girls and Mom come and pick me up  we all go home and I hope that the noises never come back.  


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