The Funny Thing About Vet Bills

Vet bills come in droves.  Everyone who has worked with animals knows this.

Recently Booge, our Boston Terrier, woke up one day having gone completely deaf over night and having no sense of equilibrium at all.  This was a Saturday and since he showed no improvement by Monday we took him to the vet.  I suspected an inner ear infection, but they couldn’t see one.  Thy said this kind of thing happens to old dogs sometimes, which is funny because until recently he was our “young” dog.  Anyway it has sense cleared up and he’s back to normal.


Sleeping in the son dreaming of vet bills.

Shortly after that Dempsey stopped eating.  This wasn’t shocking, he hadn’t been a great eater ever since we got him and we may have been overwhelming him with food…  OR he ate the yoga mat we put in the bottom of his crate.  It was one of those.  My initial thought was yoga mat, but then he kept pooping and his stomach didn’t seem hot or dissented and he maintained his puppy like attitude.  So then I thought maybe he was just sick of food.  So we switched his food.  He wolfed it down and spent the next few hours vomiting.

Clearly all was not well. He went to the vet and they discovered that he had indeed eaten the yoga mat.  Not all of it, but quite a bit of it.  The good news was that none of it had moved to his intestines.  When we picked him up the next day we also got this picture:

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 2.57.53 PM

The pile was actually bigger than that but you get the point.  The poor guy had about 30 staples in his stomach and was forbidden from playing or getting them wet or having any fun at all, for two weeks.  He just got them out and is much happier and has put on about 15lbs since the incident.

Hope you leave here laughing,



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