The Funny Thing About Signs

As I said yesterday I recently adopted a puppy; okay she’s three days shy of being a year old so puppy isn’t really the correct term, but she’s still new to me so that’s what I’m going to call her in this post.  Her name is now Artemis, and the way she came into my life is, I think, a worthy story.

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That Puppy Isn’t A Vacum Bag and as Such Isn’t Disposable

I’d like to say that there’s a good reason for me bing gone from the internet for so long; however there isn’t. I was busy, I was tired, I didn’t feel like writing blah blah blah.  However I’m back and as much as I would like the reason for my return to be that something so funny happened that I ran home to share it.  This is not the case.  Though bright side, I’ve decided to incorporate a dog day section to my blog.   Continue reading