The Funny Thing About Signs

As I said yesterday I recently adopted a puppy; okay she’s three days shy of being a year old so puppy isn’t really the correct term, but she’s still new to me so that’s what I’m going to call her in this post.  Her name is now Artemis, and the way she came into my life is, I think, a worthy story.

If you’re a fan of this blog you’ve probably seen my Magic Monday posts. If you haven’t, I think they’re awesome and you if you like dog humor you’d probably like them.  Anyway, as I said in the first post we lost Magic in November 2014 after 15 years.  Though I was currently living with two other dogs neither of them were mine.  It was the first time since I was nine years old that I had not had a dog that was mine.  Though I initially was grieving and not ready for a new dog, that passed and I began to really want a new dog.  Dempsey came into our house in March 2015 and I had a fun active puppy to work with again and it was great.  Colleen had Sligo who was improving by leaps every day and I thought that though neither dog was mine, between them I could satiate my dog wants.  I really was in no position to take on a dog.

Then we suddenly and tragically lost Sligo right after moving into a new dog friendly apartment complex, and suddenly I was without a dog again, and again not ready to bring another one in.  I was lucky enough to be spending 8 hours a day with dogs but it was certainly not the same. There were five dogs at work (and we regularly have over 50) that I knew I’d like to take if their owners ever had to give them up, but it was a dream.  I didn’t really think that any of those dogs would end up in need of a home.

Anyway Colleen texted me one day and said “I don’t want to get your hopes up but I think Cue’s owner is going to rehome her. I heard someone ask how finding her a new home is going, so they could have been talking about a boat or something.”


Artemis (Cement this time) as a puppy, her former owner gave me this picture 

So I asked around and found out that Cue was indeed in need of a new home.  I was instantly torn.  I’ve got two trips planned for October and wasn’t planning on getting a dog before then.  But Cue was everything I wanted in a dog.  I talked to Colleen, and my parents and prayed about it.  I asked for a sign that taking Cue in was the right thing.

The next day Julie, a woman I work with, said, “So I hear you’re interested in Cue.” And that was it.  I talked to her owner that day and the next day I picked her up for a “test weekend” and she never left.


The day she became officially mine.

I haven’t been using her real (former) name, but the name evolution is accurate.  She was from a litter of puppies who were all named after spices.  Her owner shortened it for ease but I really didn’t like it.  I tried to get on board with it but I couldn’t, and she didn’t know her name so a name change wasn’t a big deal.

The problem was I had no idea what to call her.  I don’t like common names in my dogs.  I look at naming a dog as a chance to come up with an awesome name that I would never be able to give any of my future children.  I had almost decided to just keep her name when Colleen and I were playing a game of our own invention that we call Fandomories, it’s just like Scatagories but we made the lists based off of things we like.  And the name Artemis was one of my answers.  It was sealed that was her new name and she’s responded well to it.  IMG_2084

Artemis.  Occasionally called Armageddon when she misbehaves.



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