NYCC Days 2&3

Our interactions with our hotel continued to be a struggle but we’ve overcome and I now have good wifi and the time and energy to write up days 2 and 3!

Day two was our longest day yet, but also possibly my favorite.  We went to five panels all of which were good but many of which were great.  We wanted to see the Seth Meyers panel and it just so happened that we also wanted to watch the two that preceded it in the same room. We weren’t the only ones with that plan but none the less we ended up with great seats, and Seth had us in stitches.  He’s so funny and was incredibly personable with the audience.  After that we ran across the convention center to get into The Walking Dead panel.  Robert Kirkman (the creator of) is hysterical and made sure that everyone had a great time.  My favorite was the panel called “Marvel’s Agents of Prime Time” or something similar and it was all about Agent Carter and Agents of Shield.  Agent Carter is filming right now, and Agents of Shield premiered two weeks ago, so after some Q&A they showed us the third episode.  It was great, not only because the show is, but because watching a show with a bunch of people who love it as much or more than you do just makes everything about it better.

We had our shortest day today, there were only two panels we wanted to see, well there were more but our whole morning was taken up by getting a wristband and then standing in line for the Firefly reunion, and as such we missed a few other panels.  It was worth it though, Nathan, Alan, Gina, and Jewel had us all in stitches the whole time and all seemed to be thrilled to be there talking to fans of a show that ended over a decade ago.

Colleen and I each picked up four (total of 8) prints of some of our favorite heroes which was a goal of mine to come home with, as well as a couple t shirts and of course, more comics.

I held off reading comics for a long time for no real reason.  I just didn’t feel like doing it.  Then Secret Wars was announced last year, which is pretty much a reboot for the whole Marvel Universe and the story line by which this occurred was fascinating, and I decided that I’d start reading the books that lead up to Secret Wars.  Well I did, and I haven’t stopped reading they’re so fascinating!  I haven’t been able to stop.  I like to buy compilations of books because that means more bang for my buck, but it also means not getting new issues right when they’re released; but much later.   I’m okay with it because none of my friends read comics and won’t spoil anything for me.

We were going to try to attend the Daredevil and Jessica Jones panel tonight, where I’m fairly certain they’re going to show the first episode of Jessica Jones, but instead we met up with John (our brother who is currently going to school in New Jersey).  We met at McGee’s bar which is the real life bar that McLaren’s was patterned after in How I Met Your Mother, a favorite TV show for the three of us.  It was really good, and of course it was great to see John.  We then walked back to Penn station through Times Square.

So far so good, I wish tomorrow wasn’t the last day!



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